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  1. cornetto

    RWC 2015 Final - Australia v New Zealand, Twickenham, Sunday 1 November, 3:00 AEDT

    2014\2015 Wallabies AB Games: AB's at home: results favour AB's 92-33 (2 games) AB's away: results favour Wallabies 67 - 60 (3 games) Given this is at our home away from home Im expecting a 2-3 point win to the men in gold and me needing defibrillation at the 81 minute mark as Hooper...
  2. cornetto

    RWC QF 4 AUS v SCO (Twickenham) 19th Oct 0200 AEDT

    A rules question based on my observation of the incident. My opinion is that the ball came off their 7 - possibly a knock on but not too sure, phipps knocks it forward into the beardy bloke, ball ricochets back to get picked up from the scot in the offside position. Im not asking if you...
  3. cornetto

    RWC: AUS v WAL (Twickenham): POOL A; 2:45am (AEDT) Sunday 11 October

    Watched it 20 times - no chance he's getting cited for that. He just loses a bit of balance getting pulled back and steps forward - the other guy was just in the way.
  4. cornetto

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    Quick question...why can't someone other than Simmons be taught how to "run a line out". I can't imagine it's rocket science. It's not like they are carrying around an enigma machine for the calls.
  5. cornetto

    RWC: Australia v Fiji - 23 September 16:45, Millenium Stadium(24 September 1:45 AEST)

    I reckon Cheik's is not thinking about the bonus point as he doesn't want the team to be thinking about having to need it. He wants them to expect to win each game rather than have an attitude that they can afford to drop on e and still get out of the pool stages Also as much as Ive hated...
  6. cornetto

    RWC: ENG v Fiji (Twickenham) Pool A

    Does the ref see our replays though (on the big screen)? If so can he then ask the TMO to then check on stuff he (the TMO) may have missed?
  7. cornetto

    RWC: ENG v Fiji (Twickenham) Pool A

    Was just about to comment on this one. I was really pissed off as the guys controlling the replays showed it once - and it was clear the player was on the ground while the Fiji guy had a hold of his leg. Its like they then decided not to show that part of the replay again at risk of the ref...
  8. cornetto

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    Because the constant whining about anything to do with Beale and Cheika (or anyone "south of the Tweed") by someone who doesnt even support the wallabies is what he does. Really very tiresome. Maybe with the world cup so close it is time to throw some support between the whole team and coach...
  9. cornetto

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    Not really a fair comparison with Cheika. He has the results to prove he knows what he is doing, RG has not.
  10. cornetto

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    I reckon...... Time to put a little faith in the guy who has brought us our first win over the AB's in 4 years , our first 3n\RC in 4 years, and our first convincing win over the AB's since 2008 I also reckon he knows a little more about selecting the team and the players involved than most...
  11. cornetto

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    Wow - A few shocks there. Picking up Jaw in order to type.....
  12. cornetto

    England v Australia

    Thanks for the heads up. Just signed up and quality looks good enough. Looking at the other shit on there though makes me realise why I don't have foxtel. Nap time for a few hours...
  13. cornetto

    Cricket Summer of 2014/15

    What a terrible tragedy. Seems actually hard to comprehend, so feeling very numb about it. Hug your kids mums and dads - even the old ones. You never know when they can be snatched away from you. RIP Phil.
  14. cornetto

    France v Australia

    Awful first half for WB, not much better second. How many times did they drop the ball in contact - jesus that is a basic skill that should have been drilled into them in the 13B's. The second most frustrating thing was not taking the high ball - repeatedly. What has happened to Folau? I was...
  15. cornetto

    EOYT 2014

    I was trying to take a balanced view on all this but even I think Beale should have been left alone till next year. Really really bad move.
  16. cornetto

    Wales v Australia

    Cheika has hopefully\probably fixed White already. Ditch the box kick and pass in front of the man, not to him. Any decent coach should have drilled those 2 traits out of him a while back. The only things holding him back from being a much much better player. I though he went alright when he...
  17. cornetto

    Australian Rugby's greatest day of shame....

    How many folk (granted many of them are idiots) have stood up and said what a great bloke KB (Kurtley Beale) is, a "sweet kid", awesome team man etc etc. If the poor behaviour is not in your face you tend to judge on what you see. If MC has only seen the good side of KB (Kurtley Beale), then that is most likely what he will...
  18. cornetto

    Australian Rugby's greatest day of shame....

    Been a new coach since then. Given the new coach A) has not had a behaviour issue with KB (Kurtley Beale) while at the tahs B) thinks he's irreplaceable C) wasn't "directly" impacted by the texts D) had no connection with dp E) surely has a say on who he thinks should have a "top up" I wouldn't be so sure...
  19. cornetto

    Australian Rugby's greatest day of shame....

    Hopefully #1 scenario. I suspect somewhere in-between, Australian rugby continues to flounder without completely imploding leaving us all just as disillusioned one year out from 2019 rwc.