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  1. teach

    RWC Final - New Zealand v South Africa 29/10/23, 0800 NZDT

    Wayne Barnes has forgotten its not all about him
  2. teach

    SF2: England v South Africa 22/10/23 @ 0800 NZDT

    I think England have had the benefit of some dubious refereeing decisions in the pool matches and 1/4 final. I think they will be a speed bump on SA's journey to the final and I cannot wait to watch it.
  3. teach

    RWC Oct 15 2023 1/8 Final Ire vs NZ.

    Not really. If Ireland beats the All Blacks then we will be hoping they go on to win the whole bloody thing. We will be too busy building the guillotine for Foster to worry about the finals anyway. Never have I seen such ambivalence towards a RWC as I have seen at present. We know we have the...
  4. teach

    RWC 2023 - All Blacks pool matches

    To be fair, a game where some players were going through the motions and having brainfarts is right up Akira's alley. He probably would have stood out, but for all the wrong reasons.
  5. teach

    Bledisloe 2 2023 @ Dunedin 12:35PM Sat 5 Aug

    I think they are using rule 11(d) of the Global law trial: All players’ binding is maintained for the duration of the scrum. Sanction: Penalty. Once a scrum is going backward, the reversing team's scrum falls to pieces and so do the binds. Certainly rewards a dominant scrum.
  6. teach

    Super Rugby 2023 Final - Chiefs v Crusaders

    Yep. I thought there was no way that O'Keefe was going to have the balls to red card him and pretty much hand the match to the crusaders that early. So I was not surprised when he called a yellow and dumped it on the TMO to deal with, who also bottled it.
  7. teach

    Bledisloe 2. Eden Park, 24th Sept 7.05pm NZT. 5.05 pm AEST, 3.05 WA

    The Southland rugby union has been encouraging midweek games under lights for the schoolboys and girls. It has been very popular and leaving the weekends free. The introduction of a 1st XV competition to run in parallel with the introduction of super rugby years ago killed rugby off in many...
  8. teach

    Bledisloe 2. Eden Park, 24th Sept 7.05pm NZT. 5.05 pm AEST, 3.05 WA

    Rugby isn't all that healthy at the moment in NZ. Player numbers are dropping. Working parents can't get their kids to games. I spent a good part of saturday morning this year collecting a car full of kids to take them to their game or they would no be playing. Kids are working weekends. Some...
  9. teach

    2022 Bledisloe Cup. Wallabies vs All Blacks

    In a heartbeat
  10. teach

    Ireland NZ Tour 2022

    No. The wind can blow through in the corners. That big mass of unheated concrete can be quite chilly in winter.
  11. teach

    Blues vs Highlanders, Super Rugby QF, Sat June 4th 2022

    well shit. Thats going to hurt us.
  12. teach

    Blues vs Highlanders, Super Rugby QF, Sat June 4th 2022

    lets call the game now.
  13. teach

    Blues vs Highlanders, Super Rugby QF, Sat June 4th 2022

    As a Highlander supporter I have mixed feelings about the game. I would love them to come out and be more than a speed bump for the blues but torn between expecting a loss or a record loss. At least reading what Dismal orgasms into the pages of this forum afterwards will be some consolation.
  14. teach

    Rebels v Highlanders 29th May 2pm @ AAMI

    A quick peek at wikipedia shows Blues have played Highlanders 33 times 1996 to 2019. Won 17, lost 16. With a winning percentage of 51.5%. And I am pretty sure that since it is a Blues home game, the Gordon Hunter Memorial Shield is up for grabs as well. Highlanders 10 wins, Blues 9. I am sure...
  15. teach

    Rebels v Highlanders 29th May 2pm @ AAMI

    Depends on which Highlanders team turns up. Innovative attack and brutal defence or the "lets make as many unforced errors as we can" mindset.
  16. teach

    Super TT final

    Oh dear. Once Dismal has finished orgasming his posts should be spectacular
  17. teach

    Super TT final

    I reckon the NZRFU should have appointed neutral officials for this one. FFS
  18. teach

    Super TT final

    How long before Akira gets into some pushy shovey?