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  1. Blind Freddy

    Shute Shield 2023

    The table has been posted to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shute_Shield#Sir_Roden_Cutler_VC_Shield_(Commenced_2000) where it can be updated in place. Hopefully we can bring it up to speed.
  2. Blind Freddy

    Shute Shield 2023

    Sir Roden Cutler VC Shield Can you help put together the history of the Roden Cutler Shield, by which I mean the sequential list of winners of the Shield? The Shield itself has a plaque for each year, on most of which at least one club name is engraved. But it tells only part of the story, and...
  3. Blind Freddy

    Australian Rugby / RA

  4. Blind Freddy

    Rugby World Cup 2019

    This is certainly a substantial and easy-to-implement way to help the tier-2 nations, and by extension, the rugby world.
  5. Blind Freddy

    2018 TV ratings and crowd numbers

    Are ratings available to show how viewers there are in each of NZ, AU, SA for games played in each country. On Saturday, for instance, how many viewers in NZ, AU, SA watched the NZ derby; how many watched the game in Sydney and how many watched say the Bulls v Hurricanes game? (SA teams in...
  6. Blind Freddy

    NRC onwards and upwards

    Does anyone know how many locally-produced players are in the Spirit and Vikings teams in play today? ie how many juniors from WA and ACT?
  7. Blind Freddy

    2015 NRC Barbarians Watch

    Any news of broadcast details?
  8. Blind Freddy

    The Player Points System

    I don't necessarily agree with what is by any measure a complex filter against which it must be very difficult and onerous to rate players with any confidence, but can make a couple observations: What of a test player for a country ranked below 20 (as at 1 Jan 2015)? Should the "holds a...
  9. Blind Freddy

    Western Sydney Rams . NRC Official Team Thread

    Thanks GunnerDownUnder, but that link does not work. Has anyone bought a season ticket? How did you do it?
  10. Blind Freddy

    Western Sydney Rams . NRC Official Team Thread

    I am am member, but for the life of me I cannot work out how to purchase a season ticket for the RAMS. What is the trick to it?