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  1. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs 2022

    the have to re-sign douglas and williams. I thought they showed serious promise. I mean, they have to sign a bunch of players really. and a coach....
  2. rugbysmartarse

    Super Rugby AU Round 7 - Force vs Waratahs @ Robina - Friday 14 August

    if it was NZ in a Bledisloe (in NZ) it wouldn't even get to the TMO
  3. rugbysmartarse

    Super Rugby Rnd 3: Rebels vs Waratahs

    no, but I'm not involved in training, and neither (I don't think) is anyone else on here. What we see in games is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what goes on. Something's obviously happened in training, the coach sees something and is backing his gut/his player to execute. I guess this is...
  4. rugbysmartarse

    Super Rugby Rnd 1 2020: Crusaders v Waratahs

    agreed. i much prefer the waratahs nice consistent sloppyness throughout the season
  5. rugbysmartarse

    ACT Brumbies v NSW Waratahs, GIO Stadium 31 March

    I thought the tahs bench was key to the win. Will Miller with his pilfer, and HJH (Harry Johnson-Holmes) with the scrum dominance. That kid has a future. I also thought the brumbies looked more dangerous with Godwin on. It was also great to see pocock back to scratch straight away.
  6. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs 2018

    well hopes of pinching Douglas seem shot, looks like hes going to france
  7. rugbysmartarse

    Super Rugby Round 5, Waratahs vs Rebels - Sunday 18 March @ 4pm

    aside: I'm sick of that rule. Can we go back to getting a BP for 4 tries? I like the ability for teams to get a double bonus point loss, adds interest to the log
  8. rugbysmartarse

    Super Rugby Round 5, Waratahs vs Rebels - Sunday 18 March @ 4pm

    I've picked against the rebels every round so far. Thought the reds would do them, red card skewed the match. Thought the sunwolves played well to restrict the brumbies, turns out the brumbies had restricted themselves. Figured the brumbies would bounce back after a "surprise" loss, nope. So I'm...
  9. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs 2017

    1998, gordon v norths, and yes there were about 10,000 there. A friend's old man (who played for Gordon in his younger days) got banned from beating his highland drum, and when he refused to stop they tried to remove him. The after party at the Gordon Club was pretty epic - I think 3 or 4 grades...
  10. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs v Blues - Round 11, Saturday 6 May, Allianz Stadium

    asked about Gordon's selection Gibrson said he was their #1 halfback, but Phipps was closing in on him. What was last week about then, was he injured and I missed it?
  11. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs v Blues - Round 11, Saturday 6 May, Allianz Stadium

    As a former bears fan I don't have much experience watching my team win at North Sydney oval
  12. rugbysmartarse

    Reds vs Waratahs - 29th April RD 10

    I have a suspicion that Taqele is only devastating when running close to the sideline, much like Lomu was. When he comes infield he's easier to stop, he likes being able to get slightly outside the defender and using his bulk to knock them off tackles
  13. rugbysmartarse

    Singapore 7s 15 & 16 April 2017

    These last 2 games have been really entertaining.
  14. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs 2017

    Or Darren Coleman
  15. rugbysmartarse

    Waratahs 2017

  16. rugbysmartarse

    Round 7: Hurricanes v Waratahs - Friday 5:30pm

    When will. Shiggins. Learn to properly. Use the space. Bar when typing on. Mobile
  17. rugbysmartarse

    Round 7: Hurricanes v Waratahs - Friday 5:30pm

    gah this team selection drives me nuts. taqele is a poor defensive winger, and so we start him against the best attacking team in the comp, who possess fast wingers and a deadly accurate kicking 10. And there's no way Taqele is being expected to play 80 minutes - he's got 50 at best, which is...
  18. rugbysmartarse

    Round 6: Waratahs v Crusaders - Sunday 2 April 2017 4pm

    Can't believe I changed pants for this