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  1. Moses

    Le Tour, 2015

    Plenty of crashes and early withdrawls, now they hit the mountains. And Timmsy started a blog, which is well worth a read: http://www.onapushy.com/2015/07/13/le-tour-2015-here-come-the-hills/ He's calling 2015 down to five contenders; put your cogs on the block and vote in the poll attached...
  2. Moses

    Tahs Civic Reception

    Martin Place, 12:15pm Tuesday 4th August. I'm going to head down and hopefully get some pics for G&GR. Anyone else on the bandtrain?
  3. Moses

    Live chat - Tahs v. Brumbies

    I've found a pretty good chat program that could be great for live events. It's called slack, and there are three ways to use it: 1. The web page - https://gagr.slack.com/messages/tahs-v-brumbies/ 2. The android app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Slack&hl=en 3. The iOs app...
  4. Moses

    G&GR Outage

    You guys have generated so much content the 48 GB disk is at 97%. I need to shut down and resize the disk. Planning to do this at 10am, ie 20 minutes from now.
  5. Moses

    Lions Tour Analysis - The G&GR eBook

    We've put together an eBook containing the great analysis Scott Allen did in May for the Lions Tour. If you sign up for our daily Aussie rugby news email (also free) then you'll find a link to the eBook in the final confirmation message. You can join the newsletter in the sidebar on the...
  6. Moses

    ANZAC Day

    I hope everyone took the opportunity to remember not only the ANZACS, but all who have fought in our name. I just spent 3 hours talking to my neighbour about his experiences as a 10 year old Brit when WWII broke. How he hid under the staircase as the Luftwaffe striked, and about how his...
  7. Moses

    Hundred pushup challenge

    Six week program with about 30 mins commitment per week and you'll be able to do 100 straight push ups in 6 weeks! There's also an android and apple app to help.. Anyone else up for the challenge? http://hundredpushups.com/#sthash.B7RjcLaK.dpbs
  8. Moses

    Sending alerts to forum users

    I've just added an update so if you mention a user in a post with the @ symbol before their username they'll receive an alert.
  9. Moses

    Great Adventure Challenge

    I'm competing in the Great Adventure Challenge in two weeks' time, and will be raising money for a great cause; to help seriously ill kids through the Starlight Foundation. The event will involve around 8 hours of trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and who knows what else in a national...
  10. Moses

    Online Anonymity

    Seems to be a movement amongst Australian politicians to 'make people use their real names' on twitter, fora and other online sites to stop that pesky 'cyber bullying' stuff. Not sure how they think it'll work, but when legislators start making these noises I get concerned. The idea of...
  11. Moses

    Server Upgrades

    If anything is broken on G&GR please let me know! I've just gone live with a dedicated database server to support our struggling web server. To be sure it's working I've turned off the sql services on the web server, so if something is broken then I need to know stat!
  12. Moses

    Tip TRC, Win TV!

    8 teams, 6 rounds, 47" LED TV! Like dem odds? Get on it: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/tip-trc-win-tv/
  13. Moses


    It's back, but this time about bikes. Check it on the front page at www.greenandgoldcycling.com Suggestions welcome
  14. Moses

    Michael Rogers

    I read the other day that he averaged 500 Watts when pulling the Sky train up that massive hill the other day, can anyone find where it was written / quoted? Got a great idea for a blog article.....
  15. Moses

    TDF Jargon Buster

    I figure this would make a good blog post for new fans of the sport... please contribute any nuggets to the thread and I'll compile them into a blog post GC = General Classification; The ultimate winner of the Tour de France wins the General Classification and wears the yellow jersey. TT =...
  16. Moses

    Toughest Cyclist on Le Tour 2012

    Any nominations? Just putting together a ranker... Got: Cadel Evans Bradley Wiggins Frank Schlek Peter Sagan Chris Froome Fabian Cancellara Jens Voigt Samuel Sánchez Edvald Boasson Hagen Mark Cavendish Jérémy Roy
  17. Moses

    Cycling Sub-Forum

    For absolutely no reason whatsoever I've moved the Cycling threads into their own sub-forum. Watch this space...
  18. Moses

    Eddie Jones

    Reflects on a Japanese loss to the French Barbarians. Best bit is at 2:30
  19. Moses

    2012 Fantasy Olympics

    I've just set up a team in the Deloitte Games, I'll admit that I work for them but this is a pretty slick production and should be a pretty cool fantasy experience. If you're keen then register a team over at http://www.deloittegames.com and join the G&GR league with PIN 398363.
  20. Moses

    Our "JFK" Moment

    What were you doing when Stirlo took that intercept? This is getting a good response on facebook, it'd be awesome if those who are on there could share this post: http://www.facebook.com/greenandgoldrugby/posts/321592367927086