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  1. Dan54

    How would you like to see NRC/ARC type comp?

    I go along with RN and believe that Aus really needs a NRC type comp again to fill gap between clubs and Super. I always believes ARC etc were good ideas but missed the mark, well in Qld anyway, because it was hard to identify with teams. Qld had city and country teams, but I always felt they...
  2. Dan54

    Relative strengths of teams

    I just having a look at B&I Lions programme, I see they start the tour on Sunday against Gatueng Lions, they then play Bulls etc, I am assuming all without their Springboks, but got me thinking how strong these and other 'club' teams are around the world. It's not meant to be a cock waving...
  3. Dan54

    Super TT final

    OK, had to start one for DP and zer0.
  4. Dan54

    Experimental rules/laws.

    Ok we past halfway point of season and wondering about opinions of the experimental rules being played in Super. Personally I not really a fan of them in general. In NZ the Refs challenge I dislike as I think we already got it covered with TMO anyway The golden point extra time with draw is...
  5. Dan54

    Rugby Championship 2021

    Well they will be starting to plan this shortly, so thought we better get a thread so SANZAAR can come in and get our conclusions about it before they make and decisions!;)
  6. Dan54

    Merry Xmas

    Meri Kirihimete to all on G & G , may you all have a good one, and those of diffirent faiths etc may you also have great day. Hope all take time out of day to be grateful of what we have etc, and that although year may have had many challenges, it is drawing to a close and 2021 will hopefully be...
  7. Dan54

    Player eligibility

    Have been hearing a bit lately on player eligibility for international play with Beaumont bringing it up as part of his re election for WR etc. Does anyone have any workable suggestions? I know it not straight forward and would be wondering what everyone's thoughts are. Should it be where you...
  8. Dan54

    6 Nations to move?

    This is being reported, seems at odds with what Beaumont said, but would be so bloody great if it could be done! I would even be happy with RC being played early in season to align things!! We can only hope I think...
  9. Dan54

    World Rugby Chairman

    I was interested to hear Gus Pichot talking about his crack at becoming chairman of World Rugby on Breakdown this week. I have never really made up my mind about Gus, he comes up with at times ,I have thought, with some over the top ideas, but he certainly sounds like he has some interesting...
  10. Dan54

    What do you want to see in Super rugby 2020

    Ok, I suggesting this is not about what you think will happen, but what you would LIKE to see happen.
  11. Dan54

    International Rugby Coaches

    I have been noting the angst of Foster getting the All Blacks coaching job, and by some Rennie getting the Wallaby gig (for different reasons), so I thought now would be a good time for people to say what they look for in an international coach. Or why they disagree with anyone getting job. I...
  12. Dan54

    Season greetings etc

    As I about to disappear overseas for a while on Saturday, thought I might take to opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and New Year. I hope you all get what you want to enjoy the season, and many thanks for all enjoyable discussions etc we have all had about the best our great game over the...
  13. Dan54

    Wallaroos-Black Ferns

    Thought I may start a thread if it doesn't upset anyone , as the curtainraiser for the first 2 Bledisloes are Black Ferns vs Wallaroos, and think they may deserve their own thread. Personally as grumpy old man I have finally accepted Women's rugby is a very valid part of our great sport! And...
  14. Dan54

    Jean de Villiers retires

    Sad way to end the career of a very very good player, and by all accounts a top bloke. Broken jaw against Samoa has forced him to announce his retirement, I personally like to see these really good players (or all)go out on their own terms
  15. Dan54

    How to promote the game

    I know we look at how to make the game more popular here in Aus, and hear time and again that AFL and League etc are more popular. I personally think one of AFL's reasons are the way the game is marketed towrds the kids, have seen a lot of Ads etc on tv, and NZRU do the same thing in NZ to keep...
  16. Dan54

    How can this be accidental?

    Can someone explain how this can be called accidental stomping?? If it is I will repeat what I have said a lot of times in here, Bismarck needs to be careful of all these accidental things he does, or he will not be remebered as a great hooker,but other things.
  17. Dan54

    Robbie Fruean finished

    After discussion we have has in here at different times on whether Robbie Fruean would ever make the All Blacks, news came out today confirming why he would never do it. He is to have an operation to replace his heart valve. It's already been replaced once (in 2009), and I sure I read Doctors...
  18. Dan54

    S15 in SA this year. What will happen if...

    Apparently if Nelson Mandella dies, SA will have 10 days of mourning, and maybe no sport to be played, I wonder how this will affect the S15, as potentially Blues could miss out on the chance of some points, and semi spot, could blow Bulls chances of being in top 2 for home final etc if they get...
  19. Dan54

    How much money is enough

    Just reading that NZRU are investing $16.5 mill in community rugby over next 3 years, to be used to get and develop young players, refs etc. The question I have is this enough? Seriously I not sure how much ARU or SARU put into the lower echelons of game. This does not include the $8 mill a year...
  20. Dan54

    No McCaw until July next year

    (All Blacks captain Richie McCaw is to take six months off rugby. He will lead the All Blacks on this year's end-of-year tour to Europe, but will then trigger a sabbatical option in his New Zealand Rugby Union contract. The 31-year-old will sit out the three tests against France in June, and...