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  1. Seb V

    World Player of the Year?

    Any guesses? I'd imagine the majority of nominations will come from England and SA. I'd say Underhill, Itoje, Farrell, Faf, would get nominations so far - but hard to pick any stand-outs really as most the England squad has performed so well, and no big stand-outs in SA. Can't see any...
  2. Seb V

    Brisbane Rugby/Sports Bars

    Just moved out of Canberra and up to the sunshine. Where's all the good pubs to watch rugby at? So far i've only been to Pig 'n Whistle on eagle St which wasn't too bad. Living southside 5k's from the city.
  3. Seb V

    How to watch all RWC games?

    Is Foxtel our only option? I just want to watch replays of the games. Anyone know where or if replays will be available online somewhere? I don't mind paying a subscription. Tried to speak to Foxtel but didn't have much luck. They just tell you to sign up and record the games.
  4. Seb V

    Lets hear your best on-field Sledging

    In light of the latest controversy I think we should have some fun and start a thread of some ACCEPTABLE sledges. I shouldn't have to warn people that homophobic, racist, sexist, or highly personal off-field sledging is not acceptable and will be reported. If you don't know where the line is...
  5. Seb V

    McCaw out for 2 months with a broken thumb

    Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this. My first thoughts were that 2 months seems excessive just for a thumb! This might be stupid to say but couldn't a rugby player still play quite effectively with a broken thumb?
  6. Seb V

    Wallabies obession with peaking at RWC

    Bloody good article by Adam Freier in the SMH. He brings up some very good points. http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-union/rugby-world-cup/wallabies-must-drop-obsession-with-peaking-once-every-four-years-20111022-1mdj2.html Things might have been very different had we put less energy into...
  7. Seb V

    The Size of our Aussie Forwards

    Am i the only one who thinks they lack a lot of Size and strength, I certainly don't think they lack any skill. Sure we got TPN n Palu, then who else! Everyone of the Boks seem to be twice the size, including their back-ups. "has dropped a heap of kgs" I always hear this in forums and wonder...
  8. Seb V

    wallabies definitly in starting side?

    Thought it might be interesting which players would be the first choice pick in your wallabies squad. This should give some perspective on which players are the most important, most valuable to the squad or in hind sight, the players that are least valuable. In order: 1. Pocock 2...
  9. Seb V

    G&GR Oz S14 team of the tournament

    http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/super-14-team-of-the-tournament/ Ok so Noddy did a great post about the team the tournament. The crew all picked their team and then a final team at the end. Im not sure not everyone agrees and im one of those ppl. So lets pick our own Super 14 Team of the...
  10. Seb V

    Wallaby Squad Predictions 2010!

    Its only round 4 of the super 14 but theres already talk of berrick barnes being dropped and quade cooper being our first choice flyhalf. Theres even been suggestions of hangers in a wallaby jersy. A recent newspaper article suggested Pat McCabe as a wallaby bolter. So what do you guys think...
  11. Seb V

    Wallabies Team for 2010

    2009 was full of injuries, youngsters debuting, Older players finding form, Positioning switches/experiments, So considering everyone being fit for next year whats your wallabies team and why? Heres my team: 1. Benn Robinson -If anyone else gets picked here besides big ben they need to be shot...
  12. Seb V

    Which Position should AAC play?

    He's got a strong running game, always gets over the advantage line, solid tackler and capable of putting on BIG hits! He's been our most consistant player and has been refered to as "Mr Fix-it". He's played everywhere. Robbies deans has stated "He has been great, he could specialise in any...