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  1. Hawko

    TRC2021 - Wallabies v Boks @ Suncorp 18/09

    Last time I saw Beale play he was at outside centre for Racing, not fullback. What would those dumb froggies know playing a 13 who can't tackle? Just proved to me that the old adage about there being lots of ways to play rugby successfully still works.
  2. Hawko

    RC - Wallabies vs Springboks, Gold Coast Sunday 12 September 8:05 PM

    I agree with that but with one caveat. He penalised Australia a number of times when the Bok front row just pancaked. Those penalties should have gone the other way. But, he was light years in front of anyone who has reffed us this year. The New Zealanders would have hated him because he would...
  3. Hawko

    Olympic 7's

    I assume the "they" is the USA. I thought the second Australian game was quite disappointing given how clinical they were in the first, but they were clearly a class above. I am worried that Manenti hasn't rested his stars enough early, given the heat they're playing in. A number of them...
  4. Hawko

    NZ July 2021 Tests (& other matches)

    Any team with Scott Barrett in the 23 is not close to the best available.
  5. Hawko

    2nd Test Wallabies v France 8pmTuesday 13th July,

    Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story! The French forwards were 50+kg lighter than our pack. Rewatch the scrums where they always seem to list the pack weights. Or maybe French kgs are not the same as ours. The French just play like behemoths, they are not that big. Even so...
  6. Hawko

    Winter Tour; Wallabies v France Wednesday 7 July, Brisbane

    There is an amazing amount of conjecture about whether we should play our best team next game or try some of the other squad members before running out our best team for the third game. What I want to know is this: Based on this game how on earth could you tell what is our best team? The game...
  7. Hawko

    SR R4 Reds v Blues

    Maybe Stewart to 10?
  8. Hawko

    SR T-T R4: Chiefs v Rebels

    Mounga was worth the price of a ticket on his own last week, he is hands down the best 10 either side of the ditch with daylight second. The Tahs were improved yet they were beaten by 26 and when the Crusaders clicked it was poetry in motion.
  9. Hawko

    SR T-T R4 Brumbies vs Hurricanes

    Brumbies at home and hurting. Hurricanes might be second but they've had their share of luck and look the flakiest of the five NZ teams to me. Do I dare pick an Aussie team in the tipping comp? If I am going to pick one this week the Brumbies might be it, as the Blues look to be just too...
  10. Hawko

    SR T-T R4 Clan Vs Waratahs

    This might be the game the Tahs spring a surprise. They weren't that far off last weekend and if they are going to do it this season it probably has to be this week. Still, I reckon the bookies will have them at +30. Maybe a value bet at the TAB rather than a long shot at the tipping comp.
  11. Hawko

    SR-TT: Rd 4 Crusaders v Western Force, June 4th, Cchurch - 3:05 pm AWST

    Man, I wish the Sadists had posted that team last Saturday!
  12. Hawko

    R3 Reds v Chiefs, turmoil in Townsville?

    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. The question I posed was "Why were the Reds players looking exhausted in the last 20 minutes?" The answer has to be within the Reds, not down to Liam Messam.
  13. Hawko

    R3 Reds v Chiefs, turmoil in Townsville?

    Begs the question though: The Chiefs spent long periods in the first half playing with 13/14 players. So why did the Reds look so tired in the last 20 while the Chiefs just went up a gear? Were the Reds over-trained so that fatigue hit early? Are they just poorly conditioned or are some players...
  14. Hawko

    Round 5: Rebels v Tahs - Friday 19/3, AAMI Park, 7:45pm AEDT

    He was just squaring the ledger. He made the majority of his first half errors in the Rebels favour.
  15. Hawko

    Round 5: Rebels v Tahs - Friday 19/3, AAMI Park, 7:45pm AEDT

    He was one of our best players last game.
  16. Hawko

    Waratahs 2021

    This is the professional era, we are not playing amateurs any more. It's their job, just like yours. Answer me truly. If your boss walks into your office tomorrow and says "OK, the only way I'm keeping you on is if you take a 50% pay cut and you can forget about redundancy despite your years...
  17. Hawko

    Waratahs 2021

    There seem to be a lot of people on here who have unloaded on Rodda without thinking carefully about it: If the reason he left the Reds was the captaincy issue then he's in exalted company. Some of you are too young to remember, but Mark Ella retired at the height of his powers after Allan...
  18. Hawko

    Waratahs 2021

    Watching the Lions test at Homebush stadium (cost me hundreds of dollars for a supposedly gold class seat) was significantly worse than the SCG.
  19. Hawko

    Waratahs 2021

    “When I left the field at Suncorp I felt pretty uncomfortable,” Gordon said. “By all reports I’ve completely ruptured the anterior and posterior but the medial is still intact, so I don’t have to get surgery." This quote, attributed to Gordon, was in SMH yesterday. It appears to refer to his...
  20. Hawko

    Waratahs 2021

    I'd add Porecki as another possible positive, but I am really struggling to find any others. Maybe Maddocks. Moeroa looked half-OK though shaded by his opposite. But that's all I can find,