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  1. Antony

    Bledisloe II @ Eden Park

    It's a hell of a lot less unfair than some guy ending up in a wheelchair from getting smashed in the neck. It obviously has a cost, but this has to be a priority. And side-bar: I think the ABs were deliberately trying to (legally) rough-up Hooper, which is a completely legitimate thing to do...
  2. Antony

    Rugby News from unexpected places

    Back in about 2012 I was in a little dive pub in Posnan with my girlfriend, and I saw this big old guy with the kind of face that absolutely screamed "I have played in the front row for several decades". I went over and asked him and it turned out he was the youth development officer for the...
  3. Antony

    England v Australia, Sunday 19 November 2:00am AEDT

    I've got money on Australia for this one. No Coleman is big, but I feel like these guys have entered a phase of just knowing how to win games. Wallabies by 10, Hooper/Genia/Foley/KB to play blinders, Simmons to get unfairly maligned in the blog comments.
  4. Antony

    England v Australia, Sunday 19 November 2:00am AEDT

    I'm amazed they haven't picked Itoje. I haven't watched much of him since the Lions tour - has he come off the boil?
  5. Antony

    Bledisloe III MOTM

    3. Dempsey 2. Folau 1. Coleman
  6. Antony

    CAS 2018

    I don't pay super close attention to school rugby - is this true? I graduated from Cranbrook 12 years ago, and we went down to 5ths (that's year 11 and year 12 combined).
  7. Antony

    The Wallabies Thread

    He has absolutely gargantuan thighs: http://www.espnscrum.com/scrum/rugby/image/244567.html?page=3
  8. Antony

    Injury recovery

    I am very, very bald. I get all the derision of playing on the wing and none of the grooming benefits. And Sydney Harlequins.
  9. Antony

    Injury recovery

    Mate that would be really useful, thanks.
  10. Antony

    Injury recovery

    I've done regular physio for five months post-op, but the costs are starting to stack up a wee bit so I was planning to scale back.
  11. Antony

    Injury recovery

    Last year I did my ACL playing on the wing in a fourth division subbies game (two weeks before my wedding) because I'm an elite athlete and that just comes with the territory. I'm about 5 months since surgery, and my surgeon reckons I can play again once I'm a year post-op. . I just wanted to...
  12. Antony

    Wallabies v All Blacks, Saturday 21st October, Suncorp, Brisbane

    Yeah good call. I don't reckon the All Blacks are anywhere near invincible - mainly because the defence is leaky. This season, they lost to the Lions, drew with the Lions (for my money if there was a fourth game they would have lost that too), nearly lost in Dunedin, and nearly lost in South...
  13. Antony

    MOTM v Argentina (08/10/17)

    3. Dempsey 2. Hodge 1. TPN
  14. Antony

    Concussions and Protecting Our Players

    A penalty for making accidental contact, including when the attacking player slips, is insane. I understand that it's intended to remove any grey area, but for god's sake it's a contact game.
  15. Antony

    British & Irish Lions tour of New Zealand (2017)

    There's got to be a pretty big chance Ford or Farrell will play 10, and I'd sub in Zebo for Watson.
  16. Antony

    Craft beer thread

    FYI - it arrived today and came with a bonus four-pack of Tucker Box Hoppy Lager. Get amongst it.
  17. Antony

    Craft beer thread

    Just ordered the GAGR grand slam selection - has anyone else tried it? Any stand outs? I've never tried the: Big Shed FYeah American Pale Ale Brew Cult Hop Zone Session IPA Endeavour Bright Ale Moon Dog Love Tap Double Lager Prickly Moses Chardonnay IPA Red Hill Wheat Ale Southern Bay Requiem...
  18. Antony

    France v Australia, Saturday 19 November

    This thread is brutal and entertaining, but you're all criticising/defending a loss that hasn't happened yet. This is France (outside of a knock-out game against us) and they played well last week - there's almost zero per cent risk of them crying during the anthems, so you're fine. Wallabies...
  19. Antony

    Rugby League players who could have/could make the switch

    I'm a bit surprised by the prevailing attitude to drugs expressed above, since normally I find this forum to be quite liberal. I'm not sure there's any evidence that a drug like cocaine or marijuana is anywhere near as bad for users or their community as a drug like alcohol or tobacco...
  20. Antony

    Rugby News from unexpected places

    The burnt steak bit was less of a recommendation, and more of a sad but honest reflection of reality.