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  1. Cat_A

    Kings and Queens of the Pacific - Nov 16, 23 and 30

    The Kings and Queens of the Pacific Rugby (KQPR) tournament is on for the next three Saturdays. This year Logan rugby is hosting the tournament. This year's teams are: Queensland Samoa Queensland Tonga Brisbane Fijian Rugby Niue Queensland Cook Islands Rugby Queensland Dream Time Rugby (the...
  2. Cat_A


    Against all odds and logic, Michael Lipman, the Melbourne Rebels flanker, former England International, and Social Pages regular, is going to write for us. We've named his post #askLIPDOGG and this thread is where you can post any questions for him. We'll take them to him and he'll answer what...
  3. Cat_A

    Press releases from the ARU Media Unit

    I refer to this press release. I’ve vented throughout and will post my version of it after… http://www.rugby.com.au/wallabies/News/NewsArticle/tabid/1516/ArticleID/4079/Default.aspx The selections of Scott Higginbotham at the back of the scrum, and Nathan Sharpe in the second row, represent the...