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  1. Garry Owens

    Garry‘s Saturday Afternoon Punt Club

    28/3/2020 - 10.15am in Brisbane outside the Stokehouse at Southbank Hey Punters Let’s share your fancies right here and share your intel , your speculation , or just get a bit of friendly rivalry going on the punt I’ll start R1 Bendigo - No Commitment (sort of like this season) EDIT : 2ND
  2. Garry Owens

    AIC Rugby 2018

    Wattap AIC'rs Seems to be a bit of early chat round the traps about Iona in 2018 Contenders or Pretenders ? Is Iona the Hartnell to Marist's Winx ? Let the chat begin
  3. Garry Owens

    Brisbane Junior Club Rugby 2017 - U13 to U17

    So what's the chat ? Anyone involved from the different age groups at different clubs got anything to offer about how preseason is coming along ? How many teams in the age groups at different clubs and what indicative Divisions those teams might be wanting to play ? Discuss
  4. Garry Owens

    Brisbane Jnr Club Rugby (U13 and Up ) - 2016

    Well here we are with another season before us and some changes on foot , that in essence , will see : U13 and U14 *6 x Teams to a Division *7 x Skill Rounds ( Seems like trial rounds to me ??? ) with these extra 4 games ( from prior years number of 3 trial games ) seemingly a...