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    John I. Dent Cup 2017 - ACT Premier Rugby

    Tuggeranong Vikings DO NOT pay players. They may assist with jobs (potentially paid well for minimal work), accommodation, kit, supplements and the promise of a professional program in which they are often promised the world. Most clubs would work on a similar manner id imagine, but obviously...
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    John I. Dent Cup 2017 - ACT Premier Rugby

    Would be extremely surprised. Started every trial at 10 for Royals and has been pictured in photo's at their season launch from last week. Interesting rumours though. Id imagine there is a real fight on for the 9-10-12 positions at Royals and Wests have recruited heavily in key positions.
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    John I Dent 2015

    Sokai Tai from Royals, Carl Eliot from Wests and Mitch Wade. Bit of cash been thrown their way. I hope they are looking after the players who have been there for years. Might cause some disharmony within the ranks!