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    AIC 2023

    But anyway, gonna slide past Marbig’s outrageous comment, and I’m gonna post some predictions for the week. Eddie’s vs Villa. Villa looking good this year but is no match for Eddie’s damaging and gigantic front row, their number 1 prop has been the knight in shining armour, absolutely tank and...
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    AIC 2023

    Considering St Peter’s beat them in most age groups and the Firsts absolutely annihilating them. Gonna have to disagree with u on this. As well as Peter’s being top 3 in most sports in the AIC. Ur case is not doing so well champ.
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    AIC 2023

    My bets for this weekend Peter’s vs Laurie’s. I believe Peter’s were unlucky in Round 1 and have injured players coming back so will be a different side. And Laurie’s aren’t the same side as last year so Peter’s by 21. The 8,9,10 duo in Peter’s is unbeatable, possibly the best in the comp...
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    AIC Rugby 2022

    Absolute domination from the men in the maroon butcher stripes. Didn't let Ashgrove in and put 4 quick tries on them in the first half. To put it simply, Marist "didn't want it". The 'whiz kid' Prichard on full display again - as well as the forwards dominating them in the scrum, and then the...