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  1. chibimatty

    RWC 2019 1/4 Final Japan vs South Africa

    Damn sad to see Japan out, was hoping this journey would last another couple of weeks. I think they would have had an enthusiastic full house even for a third-place play-off.
  2. chibimatty

    NRC Final - Western Force v Canberra Vikings - UWA Sports Park - Saturday, 26 Oct - Noon (WST)

    Looking forward to this next week, especially as none of the RWC quarters went the way I was hoping
  3. chibimatty

    Ideas for NRC

    Yup, that's one of my pet peeves also
  4. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    It was probably the folks who went to the Wild Knights game who said that
  5. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    heh heh heh!
  6. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    I wonder if the Hong Kong team being called "South China" has something to with Jack Ma's South China Morning Post newspaper?
  7. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    He's a plant! It's one of those old wrestling storylines! He's workin' with the heels!
  8. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    Wonder why they didn't go back to the Indo-Pac Rugby name? Global Rapid Rugby actually sounds very Japanese though. Not too keen on the UAE side, with the longitudinal differences, will run into the same problem as Super Rugby; but I suppose money talks (isn't that right, FIFA?) Are they going...
  9. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    Relying solely on the Wallabies brand is such an unfortunate example of putting all your eggs into one basket. I must admit, I thought the All Blacks, Wallabies, and Springboks were the only brands in town for a long time; but after this season's WSR exhibition series, I realise there is a...
  10. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    Who knows? Suppose there's only one way to find out really; but I would also be hoping for Polynesian support also. Bear in mind too, that this would be Hawaii's only major sports franchise, so if they market to the mainstream population, as they did this year in Perth, they'd be giving them a...
  11. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    Hawaii's interesting considering the Japanese-Polynesian cultural cross-over. If the league is quite Japan-centric say with two or more Japanese teams, Hawaii may become a viable bedfellow, supported by both the Polynesian and Japanese populations of the state.
  12. chibimatty

    NRC Semi Final - Drua v Vikings

    I wasn't really referring to the Drua ;)
  13. chibimatty

    NRC Semi Final - Drua v Vikings

    Thankfully they won, would have been unfortunate if they'd used it as an excuse for a loss; hate it when teams do that- -repetitively
  14. chibimatty

    Proposed Nations Championship

    Yup, rugby's got to stop that cock-waving contest with soccer and play to it's own strengths
  15. chibimatty


    I think an accommodation can be made that any Drua home semi should be played on Saturday. I can't see why the other semi-finalists would complain, unless the extra day's rest is a major issue.
  16. chibimatty

    Global Rapid Rugby

    I actually think the Japanese and Fijian sides will be the ones to beat in this competition. I'm also curious and excited to know who the replacements for the Western Sydney and NZ teams will be from the Asia-Pacific region. It could be a blessing in disguise.
  17. chibimatty

    NRC Round 7: Western Force v Fiji Drua

    Too bloody right!
  18. chibimatty

    Wobblies v pumas - is Salta at altitude edition

    Either that or he's worried about some tree somewhere.
  19. chibimatty

    NRC Round 6: Melbourne Rising v Western Force

    Good god, need a lie down after that... :confused: