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  1. whatty

    Stormers vs Brumbies @ Newlands.

    After been MIA for many months I thought I may return on a winning note, yea softcock whatever.. However "Bias it was the Ref cheating shyte" taking up more than half the comments reminded me why I was MIA...
  2. whatty

    RWC 2015 Final - Australia v New Zealand, Twickenham, Sunday 1 November, 3:00 AEDT

    Wow the last thing I expected was there to be this much ref bashing, sure the obvious excuse brigade blaming the ref from the same peeps but certainly not to this extent. Poor form, well played AB's, poor handeling, missed tackles and generally outplayed at the Lineout lost you the game.
  3. whatty

    RWC 2015 Semi Final 1 - NZ vs RSA Twickenham

    Well done AB's. We just weren't good enough.
  4. whatty

    RWC 2015 Semi Final 1 - NZ vs RSA Twickenham

    AB's look nervous
  5. whatty

    RWC 2015 Semi Final 1 - NZ vs RSA Twickenham

    Squeaky bum time. Deserved YC contrary to that idiot smithy. Kiwi commentary.
  6. whatty

    RWC QF 1 WAL v RSA (Twickenham) 18th Oct 0200 AEDT

    Just enough. Nothing spectacular just RWC winning knockout Rugby. With that possession and territory and a few missed kicks should never have been that close.
  7. whatty

    RWC QF 3 IRE v ARG (Millenium Stadium) 18th Oct 2300 AEDT

    Tough on Ireland with the injuries, makes it the toughest quarter to call IMO.
  8. whatty

    RWC QF 1 WAL v RSA (Twickenham) 18th Oct 0200 AEDT

    NZ TAB 1.27 SA 3.50 Wales About right.
  9. whatty

    RWC: GEO v NZ (Millenium): Pool C

    Lucky the AB's have Tonga next week to sort themselves out. If that was there last game before Ireland/France I would be a very worried Kiwi.
  10. whatty

    RWC: SCO v RSA (St James Park): POOL B

    That the best looking Bok team I have seen in along time. No excuses, Boks by 15. Why do I feel so anxious then......... Scots always give a good account for themselves against us. Hiya all, long time no post.
  11. whatty

    Wallabies v. Springboks, 18th July 2015, Suncorp, Brisbane

    So he says try from two angles. Good grief what a joke. Well played aus best team for the important last 20
  12. whatty

    Brumbies v Bulls - Rd 16, 29 May 2015

    Who was that ref, his first game?
  13. whatty

    Wales vs Springbokke

    Hey Blues maybe I missed your explanation as to why you believe he is crapola but other than Reinach's obvious box kick from the base been suss under pressure I think he is been good overall. Best open play by a 9 this season imo.
  14. whatty

    Wales vs Springbokke

    We don't win enough games.
  15. whatty

    Springboks vs All Blacks @ Ellispark

    I think he lives in the same road as I do. Well there is a greying old man with a NZ first bumper sticker with a tattered silver fern flag from the RWC flying out of his window. Pretty dam sure it is him.
  16. whatty

    Springboks vs All Blacks @ Ellispark

    another 48hrs before i see the game. 70 000 homes in auckland without power. Switches off a hour before kick off. Conspiracy theory if ever ther was one :) Fug!
  17. whatty

    Springboks vs Wallabies @ Newlands 27/9/2014

    Maybe so but he is still very slow from the base. I hope they start Reinach this weekend. MOTM? that was a strange one??
  18. whatty

    All Blacks vs Springbokke @ Wellington

    I certainly don't fell less depressed than last week. We need a 9.