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  1. Tahtrajic

    Bledisloe 2 2023 @ Dunedin 12:35PM Sat 5 Aug

    I thought he failed the HIA and that was all. So he has a mandated 12? Day stand down period
  2. Tahtrajic

    Waratahs v Moana Pasifika, Allianz Stadium Saturday 3 June 2023

    The Drua was the best atmosphere of the year. So hopefully people turn out for the last game of the year.
  3. Tahtrajic

    Waratahs 2023

    I have to agree. Especially after he reverted to throwing a few silly passes last weekend. He had pretty much picked the right time to post the pass all season except on the weekend.
  4. Tahtrajic

    Wallabies 2023

    How about like in school boy footy we use Skelton to lift. He’s a monster so if he should be able to lift nearly everybody else in the pack.
  5. Tahtrajic

    Wallabies 2023

    Hopefully bein put it up on demand. There is no way im going to make it to 1.30am after going to watch the wallaroos then the Tahs
  6. Tahtrajic

    Waratahs vs Drua - Saturday 20 May 2023

    Mahe is improving with every game. That’s another positive going forward.
  7. Tahtrajic

    Waratahs vs Drua - Saturday 20 May 2023

    I found it in the SMH yes I know I’m answering my own post. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/rugby-union/shouldering-the-load-gamble-playing-through-pain-to-help-tahs-save-season-20230425-p5d34w.html Shouldering the load: Gamble playing through pain to help Tahs save season Waratahs flanker Charlie...
  8. Tahtrajic

    Waratahs vs Drua - Saturday 20 May 2023

    I seam to remember reading somewhere he’s playing with a injury that’s probably why the limited minutes.
  9. Tahtrajic

    R12: Waratahs vs Rebels - Saturday 13 May

    I doubt that’s going to happen I’d say that he’s slated down for next year. Im sure is also off to U20 Championship from 24 June to 14 July, so they might not be happy for him to be rushed into super rugb.
  10. Tahtrajic

    Brumbies v Drua 14/4/23 @7.35pm

    They also have a bye next week
  11. Tahtrajic

    2022 Bledisloe Cup. Wallabies vs All Blacks

    I don’t disagree that he took to long but as its been said on other threads he allowed Richey to get away with 90 seconds at the 70 min mark to take a penalty kick? All I ask for is consistency and unfortunately Mr Raynal is one of the most inconsistent going around. IMO If we want a fast...
  12. Tahtrajic

    Wallabies v Springboks - Adelaide Oval, Sat 27th August, 2022

    I think you meant to say “ stuff you used to see regularly from the All Blacks “
  13. Tahtrajic

    Wallabies v Springboks - Adelaide Oval, Sat 27th August, 2022

    Thanks for posting this I’d missed it. Probably because I’ve been avoiding reading anything rugby related since that last game.
  14. Tahtrajic

    Super Rugby final Crusaders @ Blues

    I think it’s fine and some sort of points system that adds up and when it get to a level they get suspended or something I can’t say I don’t really follow the League.
  15. Tahtrajic

    Super Rugby final Crusaders @ Blues

    Now im even less interested in the result. These decisions are making a mockery of the game. No wonder the casual sports fan is asking questions about our game.
  16. Tahtrajic

    Rebels v Highlanders 29th May 2pm @ AAMI

    Now that’s a big call. But it would be funny to see happen. After having to sit at the Tahs game and listen to a Kiwi, blow in the wind and back who ever looked like winning then stand up at the end o& the game and declare he was on the Blues from the start of the season. but onto the game I...
  17. Tahtrajic

    Waratahs v Hurricanes Sat 14th May 7.45pm Sydney

    Absolutely. The soon world rugby wake up and fix the wording of the rules regarding head high contact the better. But I won’t be holding my breath. To use a saying my old boss would have used in the days before political correctness. Those idiots couldn’t organise a F in a brothel with a fist...
  18. Tahtrajic

    Wallabies 2023

    Absolutely you should have written it in bold It’s becoming a regular way of trying to up a player’s value when shopping for a new contract.
  19. Tahtrajic

    Moana Pasifika vs Waratahs, Sat. May 7 @ 1435, Auckland

    I agree I was happy the Tahs found a way to win rather than loss. Hopefully that’s a sign of things to come. Still a few immature decisions but the younger members of the squad.
  20. Tahtrajic

    Wallabies 2023

    SCG or and oval shaped pitch is a waste of time going to watch any type of football apart from AFL. I’ll be flying up to Brisbane. She who must be obeyed even agrees that the best option. All I have to do is convince her to stay home.