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  1. Mortal Wombat

    The Gagr Podcast

    No podcast this week?
  2. Mortal Wombat

    Reds vs Brumbies, Lang Park, 2nd March 2018 @ 7:00pm AEST

    Would somebody please tell Clarkie that he doesn't need to say "Fijian on Fijian" every single time he has the opportunity?
  3. Mortal Wombat

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    I feel like this would be true, if all local fans (and media) were created equally. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. People in WA already have a chip on their shoulder, where they think everyone who lives east of Esperance is in league against them. The strength of the local...
  4. Mortal Wombat

    Where to for Super Rugby?

    With 10 out of the 23 players coming through the WA development system in their game vs the Brumbies, plus Kyle Godwin, I don't see how any impartial judge can justify cutting the Force. Considering the Foley style rugby the fans in WA have had to put up with, they've supported their team...
  5. Mortal Wombat


    I'd like to offer my respects to the life and family of Murray Ball. The Footrot Flats syndicated comic strip and books introduced me to Kiwi culture as a 5 year old, and gave me many hours of pleasure and laughter. As a little fat prop growing up in one of the greener parts of NSW, I could...
  6. Mortal Wombat

    Rebels 2017

    I'm surprised not to see more love for Jonah Placid ITT. He looked like the real thing, last year.
  7. Mortal Wombat

    Pic needs a caption

    Peyperbot undegoes half time oil check, under the supervision of inspector no 12.
  8. Mortal Wombat

    NRC Semi-Final 1 - Vikings v Rising

    It doesn't look like it. I pay for the fox news stream, and it's not working, and neither are shadier sites.
  9. Mortal Wombat

    NZ Air ad

    Let the stoking commence.
  10. Mortal Wombat

    Force v Waratahs, round 13, Saturday 9 May

    This game is the best Foley has to offer. Unrelenting negativity, pissfarting around in scrums, and 2 games per season where his team comes to play because he hates the opposition. It's like Queensland at their worst. He nearly killed the game in Sydney so successfully that even a super rugby...
  11. Mortal Wombat

    Force v Waratahs, round 13, Saturday 9 May

    This game is a disgrace. Why would anyone want to watch this? I will never watch another game Michael Foley is involved in again.
  12. Mortal Wombat

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    In all fairness to O'Connor, as a winger, he's at the mercy of other guys getting him the ball. If the Reds had Quade or Lucas running the show instead of Frisby, it would be an easier comparison, but it's pretty difficult to gauge when the bloke has had limited opportunities to get involved in...
  13. Mortal Wombat

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    Cheika said in the post match Brumbies v Tahs press conference something like "it's not in my interest to close the door on anyone at this stage". I would assume that also applies to the blokes made eligible by the recent rule change, not just the current Super Rugby players.
  14. Mortal Wombat

    Rebels 2015

    I still reckon they should be starting Hegarty.
  15. Mortal Wombat

    Waratahs v Rebels - ANZ - Anzac Day 2015

    The whole Tahs scrum has been stronger since Mario Ledesma came on board, but the second choice front row has improved by miles.
  16. Mortal Wombat

    2015S15 SA vs NZ matches

    That seems like a just punishment, but I'm sure there are people in South Africa and elsewhere wondering why Horwill only got one week for a very similar blow, albeit one struck with fist rather than knee. It never ceases to amaze me how rugby can't get this stuff right, or at least consistent.
  17. Mortal Wombat

    2015S15 SA vs NZ matches

    What an odd game. Four cards in separate incidents, all within minutes of each other.
  18. Mortal Wombat

    Waratahs 2015

    The addition of a specialist scrum coach is paying off. It'll be interesting to see whether the performance against the Brumbies (and without TPN) brings the Tahs scrum any respect; but I won't be holding my breath.
  19. Mortal Wombat

    Reds 2015

    There's always the wacky notion of building a culture and an environment that blokes want to stay a part of;although you'd struggle to find a more dysfunctional setup than the Tahs for most of the years since professionalism started, and they've hardly had difficulty retaining players, so what...
  20. Mortal Wombat

    The power of the press

    I've had exactly the same experience with fairfax on multiple occasions. It doesn't matter how polite you are, or even if you're pointing out a factual error, they won't publish anything even remotely critical. Earlier this week, Phil Lutton wrote an article which said that Liam Gill's...