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  1. mark_s

    Wallabies v Portugal, RWC Pool C, Mon 2 Oct 2.45AM

    Matches with good coaching I think you mean, which I don’t think they get here. I am all for letting (sending) our talent overseas to upskill themselves (and by extension the wallabies).
  2. mark_s

    RWC Pool C - Australia v Wales - 5AM 25 Sep AEST

    Nick Bishop has written a piece at Rugbypass focusing on our back field position play v Wales - essentially how we had players out of position (seemingly by design) and it was a shambles.
  3. mark_s

    Wallabies 2024

    So I am bitterly disappointed by our performance at the RWC. We are a better team than what we have showed. We aren't world champions by any means but we couldn't have had an easier pool or path to the qtr finals. Eddie has a strong coaching record, but that includes times where he has...
  4. mark_s

    New Zealand vs Australia Oct 11 2020 Bledisloe Cup

    Great game and (for a very nice change) a pleasure to watch as a wobbs fan. What a relief that was from the shit show that 2020 is. We got beaten at the breakdown, pretty much by Sam cane on his own and made too many mistakes (ESP. At line out) but otherwise I thought we matched the ABs...
  5. mark_s

    Michael Cheika

    Why would Eddie come back to Aus rugby? He can earn more elsewhere, and probably with less downside. He coached us to a RWC final, its hard to top that. I think it’s time to move on
  6. mark_s

    RWC 2019 SF1: New Zealand v England

    No, I don’t think England got out of 3rd gear against us. They emptied the tank tonight.
  7. mark_s

    RWC 2019 SF1: New Zealand v England

    What a game, probably the best test match of the last four years. ABs were both smashed for most of the game and yet only out of the game with 5 mins to go which is testament to them. The poms tactics were spot on, other than shutting up shop a little early. A bit like Ireland, it looks like it...
  8. mark_s

    Bledisloe II @ Eden Park

    So, well done all blacks. Convincing in the end, but we matched them for ~25 mins until mistakes got the better of us. For us too many mistakes, not all were terrible errors but you need to be better than average to be competitive with the abs. our two penalty misses hurt a lot. Imagine...
  9. mark_s

    Wallabies vs All Blacks 10th August @Optus Stadium Perth

    I was so excited by last nights performance I googled tickets for next week at eden park and locked them in. Last nights dome now, but I really think the score flattered the abs. So onto eden park and impossible challenges lie ahead for us.
  10. mark_s

    The Israel Folau saga

    Did Folau break the ARU COC? Yes Did the media force the ARU into an extreme position? Yes, but that’s not Folau fault Did Folau have ample opportunity to take down the post if he thought it was mis understood? Yes Did Folau deserve termination as Punishment for his posts? Debatable Has this...
  11. mark_s

    Australia vs South Africa 8th September

    Good game. Boks are a step down from the blacks. We were disjointed for the first 50mins but had some good passages. The To'omua try was bloody lucky and wa she difference. Both teams need to improve to challenge* the best teams in the world.
  12. mark_s

    Bledisloe 2 - Saturday 25th August 2018 - Eden Park, Auckland

    Nice piece of analysis at the rugbypass on the gaps between the two teams and why the Wallabies are susceptible to turnover ball: https://www.rugbypass.com/news/analysis-one-passage-play-sums-differences-blacks-wallabies
  13. mark_s

    Bledisloe 2 - Saturday 25th August 2018 - Eden Park, Auckland

    Yes, the ABs transition from defense to attack quicker than we can go from attack to defense, particularly when our attack peters out due to no viable options (i.e. lack of players in position). Easy to see why we are highly vulnerable, not easy to see what we should do differently. I don't see...
  14. mark_s

    GAGR MOM Bledisloe 2 (2018)

    3 pocock 2 dhp 1 ??? I’ll go with tui
  15. mark_s

    GAGR MOM Bledisloe 2 (2018)

    3 pocock 2 Coleman 1 dhp
  16. mark_s

    GAGR MOM Bledisloe 2 (2018)

    Piss weak, Barnes was fine
  17. mark_s

    Bledisloe 2 - Saturday 25th August 2018 - Eden Park, Auckland

    Our biggest problem is that NZ are better than us. Just too good. I thought we actually gave it a reasonable shot tonight
  18. mark_s

    Round 19 - Reds vs Sunwolves - Friday 13 July 2018

    Soft soft red card. I don’t like quirk but that was ridiculous
  19. mark_s

    Round 18: Waratahs v Sunwolves, Saturday 7:15 AET, SFS

    I reckon the refs got both card calls right. It ruined the game, but that’s because both acts were dangerous. Players landing on the top of their head is a recipe for disaster. Foley’s was late and also. I was hoping Gibson would bring Foley off because he looks like he needs a rest, but he...
  20. mark_s

    Gagr 3-2-1s v Ireland (Sydney)

    3 Pocock 2 tui 1 Rodda