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  1. TheRiddler

    Shute Shield 2016

    Unfortunately, I suspect it will be a long time before that happens again. Although I suppose the story of North's success over the past couple of years can always give us hope!
  2. TheRiddler

    Shute Shield 2016

    Looked a little bit more than a "few scuffles" from the other side of the ground and when young kids see a bunch of pissed blokes beating the shit out of each other and police having to respond with pepper spray to break things up (as some have reported), not quite the image of the game we want...
  3. TheRiddler

    RWC Fantasy Rugby

    Worth its weight in braggin rights!
  4. TheRiddler

    RWC Fantasy Rugby

    A large pat on back from the bottom of the prize cupboard! Plus bragging rights!
  5. TheRiddler

    RWC Fantasy Rugby

    I've created a GAGR pool on Superbru. You've been telling everyone for ages that you a are better selector than Cheika/Foley/Graham/Deans etc and could pick the best team - now's your chance to prove it! http://www.superbru.com/rwcfantasy/pool.php?p=11472709 Pool name: GAGR Pool code...
  6. TheRiddler

    Fantasy Rugby 2015

    Ive just created a RWC Fantasy Pool on Superbru. http://www.superbru.com/rwcfantasy/pool.php?p=11472709 Pool name: GAGR Pool code: jarsicon
  7. TheRiddler

    Singapore Session this Saturday

    Due to work commitments, I'm going to be in Singapore this Saturday. Am planning to find a bar showing the S15 semis, sit back and enjoy. Boomerang Bar at Robertson Quay is looking favourite at this stage but I welcome any other suggestions. Would be good to sink an ale or 5 with other GAGRs who...
  8. TheRiddler

    Waratahs 2013

    I just got an automated call from Dave Dennis asking me to renew my membership. Once again proof that the Tahs's Marketing/Membership departments have no real idea on who their members are and how they should be interacted with.
  9. TheRiddler

    The ranting at Deans/ARU/O'Neill/Players thread

    No names mentioned as I dont fancy being on the receiving end of any litigation. "A certain Wallaby, who didnt perhaps have the best of games on Saturday night" gives you a pretty wide selection of players. And its pretty easy to tell if someone's off their head. And no hearsay involved; a...
  10. TheRiddler

    The ranting at Deans/ARU/O'Neill/Players thread

    The individual concerned has a great deal of form in this area, yet appears to suffer no repercussions and in fact is given chance after chance and excuse after excuse. Yes, of course individuals have to be responsible for their own actions. But you also need strong management. To mine, this is...
  11. TheRiddler

    The ranting at Deans/ARU/O'Neill/Players thread

    So, a very honest, trustworthy and decent lady who works for me and happens to live very close to Randwick Rugby Club, was walking by the aforementioned institution on Sunday afternoon and a certain Wallaby, that perhaps didnt have the best of games on Saturday night, was outside with a couple...
  12. TheRiddler

    Waratahs 2013

    Is Sally Loane still on the Tahs board? Maybe this needs a strong woman to sort the boys out?
  13. TheRiddler

    Wallaby Inside Backs Headgear Conspiracy

    On that basis my pedallist friend, this entire forum is fucked. Most of what spouts from the majority of the posters fingers, mine included, could often be taken for statement of fact rather than a matter of opinion. How much fun could our legal friends have by trying to take to task someone who...
  14. TheRiddler

    Shute Shield 2010

    Let's not mention third party payments, study fees, scholarships, endorsements, job opportunities or any other revenues that wont be paid directly by the club. FFS, get real!
  15. TheRiddler

    Vale Sydney Morning Herald Rugby

    Elfster, I was right with you in you original comments. Whilst sitting on the lav this morning (yeah, I know, scary thought), perusing through the SMH Sports/Business section (there's an oxymoron if ever there was one), I too was bewildered by the absence of any Shute Shield coverage bar an ad...
  16. TheRiddler

    Wallaby Inside Backs Headgear Conspiracy

    Before we all get too carried away, I suspect that @dobduff11 is posting this more as a windup than as factual reporting of an alleged scam. If that is not the case then he needs to be severely dealt with :)
  17. TheRiddler

    Is Rugby in Trouble in Oz?

    Good point. The seat I was in on Saturday night (which was given to me by a friend) had a price of $144 attached to it. Whilst it was a decent seat with a good view, there is no way I would pay that amount out of my own wallet.
  18. TheRiddler

    Wallabies v All Blacks Sydney

    I gotchya. Perfectly understandable. And just one of those amazing coincidences that exactly the same move, complete with illegalities, is pulled off within the space of 30 seconds. Riiiiiight........
  19. TheRiddler

    MOTM 3-2-1 Wallabies vs All Blacks, Sydney

    When do the final results of these 321s get published?
  20. TheRiddler

    The Wallabies - sprinters not stayers

    Is it also worth looking to the AFL to see how they condition their guys? I appreciate that its different body shapes and makeups in a lot of cases but I'm constantly amazed at how those guys just keep on running and running.