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  1. thierry dusautoir

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    speaking of bond centres...what Corbin Kiernan up to these days? I remember him having that horrific leg injury in 2020 but is he looking at making a comeback?
  2. thierry dusautoir

    Wallabies 2021

    Hodge and To'omua are very lucky to get selected based on form. If I was ikitau I would be upset...same as Fergus Lee-Warner. Was Anstee available for selection? Though he might be a good development player
  3. thierry dusautoir

    Super AU trial Qld v NSW 5 Feb Narrabri

    Can actually here there words now. I thought it was just unruly tahs fans...
  4. thierry dusautoir

    Rebels 2021

    Do we think To'omua will start at 10 with Hodge at 12? Or will it be Gordon at 10 with To'omua at 12?
  5. thierry dusautoir

    Rebels 2021

    Kuridrani also went to high school here
  6. thierry dusautoir

    QLD Premier Rugby 2021

    Any ideas when the first round is drafted to happen?
  7. thierry dusautoir

    Waratahs 2021

    Is Swinton still banned or will he be available for round 1?
  8. thierry dusautoir

    AIC Rugby 2021

    My understanding is that outside of rugby some of the gaps aren't as big as people believe. I was under the impression that a couple of AIC schools play in State wide tournaments for Hockey, Volleyball and Basketball and consistently beat GPS schools. Obviously this is a rugby forum and...
  9. thierry dusautoir

    QLD Premier Rugby 2021

    Didn't mind it at all. For the most part I agree...I do think Wests will be better if they can keep the majority of their players and let them get some cohesion up. Norths probably need the same and maybe a bit more punch from their tight five.
  10. thierry dusautoir

    QLD Premier Rugby 2020

    I thought he was easily the most dangerous backline player for Norths at the beginning of the season but I stopped watching the Norths streams as time went on. I think with more time in the saddle playing rugby he could become a very good centre...at least at Hospital Cup level.
  11. thierry dusautoir

    QLD Premier Rugby 2021

    Shots Fired...
  12. thierry dusautoir

    Western Force 2021

    Not saying he wasn't on the scene but I think we can agree he became a consistent class performer post 2011... If we are going to use being a onetime Wallaby tourist as a barometer for success then there is a lot of players who have theoretically hit their peak...Current force hooker Andrew...
  13. thierry dusautoir

    Western Force 2021

    Yep, was in the brumbies system for a while but in my opinion didn't really stamp himself till post 2011.
  14. thierry dusautoir

    Wallabies 2020

    Was a 5/8 or fullback, which I think has serviced him well as I would say he is one of the best attacking short kickers in OZ rugby. Go back and watch super ruby AU or even though Aus A games against Argentina and his chips and grubbers are always dangerous and precise. I like that as...
  15. thierry dusautoir

    Western Force 2021

    True enough. Van Humphries, Harrison, Wallace-Harrison, Fardy, Kimlin all relatively late to the party when compared to the locks the reds produce. In the UK its very common for Locks to slog it out in lower leagues before hitting there straps
  16. thierry dusautoir

    Reds 2021

    Maybe there isn't that much money for Props who can't get RA/Wallaby subsidy? Might be similar money in the USA but it's a new frontier to experience and perhaps could prolong their careers as it's not as intensive?
  17. thierry dusautoir

    Waratahs 2021

    I know it is probably a pipe dream with the current coin but I did note in my internet trawling that Hugh Pyle and Dave Dennis are out of contract...Solid stop gaps while the youth develops?
  18. thierry dusautoir

    Waratahs 2021

    I would imagine Dempsey would be captain? Certainly captained a lot in age grade.
  19. thierry dusautoir

    Western Force 2021

    Shocked abotu Ferris, Stowers and Jooste. The first two were close to the forces best before injury struck. Backrow of lee-warner, koteka and stander? Jooste I didn't think was given that much a of chance. Also letting go of a lot of locks for a squad pretty thin on timber. Must have some...
  20. thierry dusautoir

    QLD Colts 2020

    It's like calling your kid Stirling Mortlock...they are either going to be a great rugby player or a Lord of the Rings character