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  1. rugbyskier

    Brumbies v Waratahs, Sat 1st April, GIO

    Back home and on the laptop. Here's a design image of the new Christchurch stadium:
  2. rugbyskier

    Brumbies v Waratahs, Sat 1st April, GIO

    Lindommer, have you seen the plans for the new stadium in Christchurch? It's an indoor stadium with a transparent roof but a nicer design than Forsyth-Barr Stadium in Dunedin. I'm trying to link to an image but the iPad won't do it. Will post a pic later when I get on the laptop.
  3. rugbyskier

    Brumbies v Waratahs, Sat 1st April, GIO

    Ha, he's too busy virtue signalling. I think that the ACT Government should buy the plans for the Canterbury Arena being built in Christchurch and built one in Civic. The added bonus will be it will be earthquake-proof.
  4. rugbyskier

    Brumbies v Waratahs, Sat 1st April, GIO

    Spare us the pearl clutching, I've been to the SFS and Tahs fans are exactly the same. Added to that, the SFS is the only place where I have been verbally abused for wearing the opposing team's jersey. That said, I loathe booing the visiting team's goal kicker and I think it shows a total lack...
  5. rugbyskier

    Rugby News from unexpected places

    exISA, it looks like you've moved on from Kassel. I was back in Germany in Sept/Oct last year and had an interesting encounter with local rugby in Bavaria. I was in Landsberg am Lech, a small city of around 20,000 a 45 minute drive west of Munich, on the German Unity Day holiday and the town was...
  6. rugbyskier

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    It looks like the Kiwi magazine show 'The Breakdown' is available live on Stan Sport on Monday evenings from next week. Last week's episode is on the library but tonight's episode wasn't listed as live. Might be worth a look to see things from the Kiwi perspective.
  7. rugbyskier

    Super Rugby AU Rnd 3: Brumbies vs Rebels, Sat 06/03/21

    More than that, I would estimate around 7k. It's a long weekend in Canberra and the match was moved at short notice so there was going to be fewer people than last week.
  8. rugbyskier

    Snow Driving - Perisher/Guthega

    I was told that the drive back to Jindabyne from Perisher took nearly 3 hours on Saturday evening and nearly 70 cars spun off the road. The drive back to Canberra from Thredbo on Sunday arvo was slow, not due to the conditions but the sheer volume of people up for the weekend taking advantage...
  9. rugbyskier

    Brumbies v Hurricanes, Super Rugby Wk 17, 2018 Sat 30 June 19:45

    A lot of what you have said here I heard in discussions around me in the walk back to the car after the match. The vibe of the crowd was that the way that the Brumbies played was what they had been waiting to see all season.
  10. rugbyskier

    Brumbies 2016

    It's media relations, they do that.
  11. rugbyskier

    Brumbies 2016

    Just received an email from Brumbies media with this news: David Pocock is staying with the Brumbies David Pocock has today announced that he has recommitted to the Aquis Brumbies and Australian Rugby until at least the next World Cup.
  12. rugbyskier

    Beautiful Rugby Grounds

    So you coached Evergreens then?
  13. rugbyskier

    Beautiful Rugby Grounds

    You beat me to it. I played a game at Brockton Oval in 2012 and, like you, was in awe of the location and view. Here are some photos that don't do it justice.
  14. rugbyskier

    Brumbies 2016

    That's just the sort of corporate bullshit I would expect from a CEO of that calibre.
  15. rugbyskier

    GAGR Canberra Christmas Drinks

    Given that The Dock is now a sponsor of the ACT Vets I would recommend that the Canberra GAGR crew meet there. In the absence of other responses, how about Sat 19 December at 4:00pm?
  16. rugbyskier

    Ideas for Australian Rugby Union

    Interestingly David Campese came into the Wallabies through the district route rather than schoolboys. Queanbeyan High did not have a rugby team and Campo played rugby league for the school. He played grade rugby for the Queanbeyan Whites and it was through that avenue that he came to be...
  17. rugbyskier

    Rugby TV ratings 2015

    Ratings figures and analysis for both FTA and Foxtel are also here: http://www.mediaspy.org/forum/index.php
  18. rugbyskier

    Rugby TV ratings 2015

    The Foxtel figures are out: 292,000 watched the match live and 150,000 watched the replays in the morning. A total figure of 442,000. Add the FTA figures and the the total live audience was 903,000. The total viewing figure was 1.053 million.
  19. rugbyskier

    RWC 2015 Final - Australia v New Zealand, Twickenham, Sunday 1 November, 3:00 AEDT

    I would assume the Daily Telegraph (tabloid Sydney version, not broadsheet London version).
  20. rugbyskier

    NRC Grand Final 2015: Brisbane City vs Canberra Vikings

    Hopefully the Ballymore ground staff have moved the plovers on. It may have been amusing to watch (in a schadenfreude type way) but I don't think the players would appreciate getting attacked again.