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    NSW CAS Rugby 2021

    With the recent talk about the CAS and GPS Rep game, interested to hear what people think would be the starting lineups, or at least the MUST inclusions? Snort, Rod and WLF normally have some great contributions around this space. I also tend to agree the games are too soon in the season...
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    NSW CAS Rugby 2020

    Next season sure will be interesting affair. Alot of talent across Barker, Knox and Waverley 16s groups. Barker and Knox will definitely be strong, the 3 way tie for the 16s premiership speaks volumes for an exciting 2021. Knox put it to Waverley early before it being evened up, only separated...
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    NSW CAS Rugby 2020

    Were given every oppurtunity to win - with the scrum calls going their way and the three yellow cards - and still allowed Waverley over the white paint. Simple as that. That video is embarrassing to Barker and should be taken down. Implies they won 18-17 from Mitch Wheal's penalty goal when they...
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    NSW CAS Rugby 2020

    Barker vs Aloys To all those talking about Barker 98-7 Wins last week against Aloys. - Its worth noting Barker made no interchanges until the score was over 80 points because they probably needed game fitness. Not the right attitude when destroying a fellow CAS school. Its not good for the...