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    U16/U19 Competition 2023

    Fowler was injured I believe. Not sure exactly what? I believe Schmude was the 2nd colts halfback at Sydney university this year. His management as a 10 is his downfall.
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    U18 Academy Games and Australia U18s

    What do you want them to do? Come on with 25 to go on the back foot into the wind? Australia didn’t convert any points in the first half with the wind.
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    CAS Rugby 2023

    Who is the coach for the Australian 18s. Needs to be sacked along with eddie jones. Why pick the B grade Australian team to face NZ when they will put their best team forward? Questions need to be asked.
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    CAS Rugby 2023

    Why though? The NZ team will 100% be putting their best team forward. Why aren’t we? It’s so clear. No wonder Australian rugby is a joke. No wonder everyone goes to league. Appalled
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    U18 Academy Games and Australia U18s

    Why are our best players on the bench? Surely this is a joke. 2 bide captains on the bench? Fowler on the bench? This is ridiculous
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    NSW AAGPS 2024

    Aus schoolboys team predictions?