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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    and go down to canada to come in 4th. Pretty close tho. They did alright with 3 of the first team out. Great experience for the reserves.
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    Try of the Year 2023

    Trinbago 2023: RUG - Rugby Sevens - 8 August Session 2 2 hours, 57 minutes, and 5 seconds into YouTube. Its the start of the grand final of the girls comm games rugby sevens. Its the kickoff for the start of the game. 30 seconds later, Heidi Dennis has stepped every player and then ran around...
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    Turner was crook with a stomach bug i believe.
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    hopefully we will have toole and darby for the olympics.
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    I checked; it was her. Its worth a look on Youtube; its the Trinbago Commonweath youth games on the last day of the rugby 7s coverage, the second last game (the girls GF). Her effort was the first touch of the game. She caught the ball from the kickoff, stepped a few players on the LHS, and then...
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    So does that mean he is still a chance for the olympics team?
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    i think that heidi dennis might be the one that scored from the kickoff in the gf of the junior tribago cwealth games. She caught the ball from the kickoff and either stepped or ran around the whole Canadian team. They didn't look that interested after that.... Can't blame them. So alysia made...
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    So I guess Maddy Levi will miss the first day of the perth 7's as she got sent off in the final.
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    damn. Fakaosilea looked like she did her shoulder so she might be out for perth. Is lilly dick back? Else it might be someone from u18 girls (altho some were u16 and u17 still). They are pretty good but are young and pretty small.
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    SVNS Series 2023/24

    any news on how bad demi hayes injury was? looked like an acl too.
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    Rugby 7s general chat

    It was a great effort to win with 6 players for the last half, and it was good that Shave finally got a chance to stretch out. Men looked really tired in the last match, but great for them to get that far.
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    Rugby 7s general chat

    a bit rough that oz girls first game was played on the second field so there was no coverage on Stan. They could have mentioned it....
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    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    damn, might have to review my stan membership i threw in the bin after the wales match. Another reason to turf fox. Kinda liking the COYS now.
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    Australian Rugby / RA

    So in the last decade this topic has elicited roughly 1400 comments per year. Not sure if RA is listening; wonder how many new idea's we will have in 10 years time...
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    RWC: Pool C - Wallabies v Fiji - Monday 18 Sep 2am AEST

    Gleeson has much the same issue as harry wilson, he needs to develop a side step. Which is something Bell and Tupou seem to have worked on (yay!) from what i spotted in the game v Georgia.
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    Australian Girls Sevens Win Comm Games Junior Comp

    Hi All, 50 zip vs Canada. Have a look at the first try (2 hrs 55mins into the video) - stepped and ran around the whole Canadian team. Pretty impressive!!
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    Women's Rugby

    NRLW seems to have got 3 of the current/recent nz 7's team included - broughton, nathan-wong and williams. Only 1 i can spot from oz players is Byers who played recently. i wonder if they got a contract where they can go back to 7's for the olympics.
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    Rugby 7s general chat

    If bein sport is dropped from kayo/foxtel soon. Who is going to pickup the rugby7's to show it in oz tv/streaming?
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    Super Rugby 2023 QF: Blues vs NSW Waratahs

    So it looked like Gleeson did his knee. Does that mean he is out for the gig in france? Anyone heard?
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    Western Force v Brumbies - HBF - Saturday, 20 May 2023

    i thought burey was the form 5/8 out of the australian options this weekend. He was great!