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  1. convenient wisdom

    QLD Premier Rugby 2015

    I disagree Stallion, I thought souths were playing to a structure in attack, with forward runners attacking the middle of the field, and absorbing defenders, before going wide to use the space, and you can see them doing this all game, in any area of the park. By comparison, easts looked...
  2. convenient wisdom

    QLD Premier Rugby 2015

    Congratulations souths. 4 weeks of sudden death footy. Well played, and we expect to see plenty more from some of you in the NRC games upcoming..................... thanks to all the clubs, players, coaches and volunteer helpers for a most enjoyable season. Cant wait for 2016. I love club...
  3. convenient wisdom

    QLD Premier Rugby 2015

    Spot on warhorse. On another day, uni will be pinged out of the contest if they dont learn to support their own body weight over the ball when going the jackal, and if they continue to hold on after making a tackle. Bewildering rules today, but uni deserved to win. They mostly won the contests...
  4. convenient wisdom

    Highlanders v Reds Super Rugby 2015 Rnd 3

    When will Simmons be ready ? Will Slipper be out under concussion management rule ? Did Daley limp off with a groin injury - they can take a while. We could be under strength in the tight 5, again. Oh well.......it's only Monday,
  5. convenient wisdom

    Reds 2015

    I cant wait for 2015 to start. Feeling really positive. Simmons, Slipper and Fainga'a.S are better players now than ever before. Liam Gill, who has had neck problems, looked like he was getting back to his best in the NRC and people forget he is only 22, and pre-hooper was the pre eminent no 7...
  6. convenient wisdom

    Reds 2014

    Too many players are static when they receive the ball in attack. This is mostly the responsibility of the passer to put the ball out in front of a charging forward, or even better a small group of charging forwards. Body height and power into contact will bend all but the sternest defence...
  7. convenient wisdom

    Reds 2014

    Re Toua he is an elte athlete, with speed, balance, acceleration and I am sure he could represent at the highest level in many sports. His type absolutely dominate junior and schoolboy footy, because of that god given talent. He is an excellent footballer, but is he an elite rugby player...
  8. convenient wisdom

    Sharks v Reds Rnd 5 2014

    quick points if you are a back in a Jake White team, your only role is to chase box kicks, tackle and kick penalties from 50 metres. Forget about running or passing. Sharks will not win many outside of SA. Did Alberts knee Liam Gill in the head in a ruck around the 60 minute mark...
  9. convenient wisdom

    Ewen McKenzie: Wallaby Coach

    Matt Taylor defence coach now withscotland but was with reds 2011. backs / attack coach ...why not Steven Larkham.
  10. convenient wisdom

    Waratahs 2014

    just heard on ABC grandstand . oconnor has been cut loose by rebels ......strongly linked to waratahs .
  11. convenient wisdom

    Wallabies: Latest Injuries and selection for Test 3

    Thanks everybody for the info - I hope he is ok (if only for the reds v waratahs ). I thought that you could only bring back a substituted player if there was a genuine injury to a front rower, but the rules change so often, I may be wrong (not unusual).
  12. convenient wisdom

    Qld Premier Rugby 2013

    Quade and CFS were both keen to play with Beau Robinsonn at the magpies but the Reds iintervened and held them out for reasons unknown. We of course would love to see him play at the nest whever he can !!
  13. convenient wisdom

    Wallabies: Latest Injuries and selection for Test 3

    does anhbody know why slipper came off for robinson? is he injured ?
  14. convenient wisdom

    Waratahs v. B&I Lions - Saturday 15 June 2013

    As in the reds game, there was space out wide, but only when you are attacking from your own half, as the Lions wingers are back waiting for the kick. Once you cross the halfway, they come up and the space disappears. As both Foley and Cooper showed there is value in the cross field kick in your...
  15. convenient wisdom

    Wallabies 31 Man Squad

    need to know the sample size to ascertain statistical confidence and reliability. for example, the first five votes counted in september might be for the labour party, but would that infer a 100% electoral landslide?
  16. convenient wisdom

    Battle of the Blood Red: Lions v Queensland Reds 8th June 2013

    ben lucas had his left ear re attached to his head after he came off. as loopholes go, i think this qualifies..................just. (well he is a back, i suppose, and we cant have his corporate merchandise reds cap slipping down can we?)
  17. convenient wisdom

    The Pulverisation of Australian Rugby

    No silver spoon here old mates, bogan roots.
  18. convenient wisdom

    The Pulverisation of Australian Rugby

    Light Bulb moment folks, I've had an epiphany. Bill Pulver and the boys at the ARU see the super franchises as just like big GPS schools.....when you need some more talent, cheque books out and ship em in, but not for grade 8,9,10,-- just get em here for the 1st XV......and win.. simple really...
  19. convenient wisdom

    The Pulverisation of Australian Rugby

    Wow, just came across this thread and its great to see so many people care so much for our game with so many intelligent posts. Let's reflect on history for a moment, except for a brief time in the late 90's / early 00's we have never been world leaders so the idea of Aus teams coming 1 to 5 in...
  20. convenient wisdom

    Battle of the Blood Red: Lions v Queensland Reds 8th June 2013

    Taffy I know what you are saying - better an ugly win than a pretty loss.................but times are a changing here in Australia. We have a financially buggered code competing with 3 others in a relatively small market. Unlike the UK, we dont have a big population so every extra percent of...