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  1. RugbyM

    Reds 2023

    Yep - FFS don't whinge about needing rule changes then whinge about having too many.
  2. RugbyM

    Ballymore Redevelopment

    Another progress update: https://qld.rugby/news/ballymore-national-rugby-training-centre-construction-update-july
  3. RugbyM

    Under-20 Competitions including Oceania & World U20s

    Excellent point and that's just what the plan is - the planning approvals allow new medical and sport facilities. http://www.yourneighbourhood.com.au/ballymore-redevelopment-masterplan-approved/ Still, it'd be nice to see some of the itinerant cubbies clubs play there - Brisbane Irish or the...
  4. RugbyM

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    It's looking slightly better than that now, this was taken right after the floods. Ambrose Treacy College are using Field 2 (behind the Hill) as their home ground at the moment. The McLean Stand area has been raised up above flood levels and the slab's getting laid in the next few weeks. Still...
  5. RugbyM

    Reds 2023

    Kegs on legs and $5 rumbos! What could possibly go wrong?
  6. RugbyM

    Reds 2023

    The new McLean Stand's going to have about 3000 capacity - 2600 in the seats and another 400 or so in the corporate boxes behind. Toilets are built in under the stand like the old one and food and beer will be bumped in (food trucks and lots of little bars rather than one big one where you get...