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  1. Samson

    Australian Rugby / RA

    It is hard to put your faith in an administration that is still running "where there's a Wallaby there's a way with Eddie saying how he likes to prove dad's wrong." Saw it today on million-dollar hot seat. Something has to change.
  2. Samson

    Australian Rugby / RA

    Tinkering with the pro levels is short term thinking. The solution has to be long term. Look at the structure and rules of junior rugby. We have state championships (QLD) where games are limited to 15 and 20 minute halves because there is a limit on total minutes of game time per week. We ignore...
  3. Samson

    Australian Rugby / RA

    I'm all for RA giving voice to Grass Roots Rugby.
  4. Samson

    2022 Bledisloe Cup. Wallabies vs All Blacks

    Maybe the French Ref had shares in Sub manufacturer!
  5. Samson

    Refereeing decisions

    In instances that are definitely yellow but may be red then the Ref could issue a yellow with a red cross to show that the TMO is reviewing the matter and the player goes to the bin and play continues. If the TMO subsequently recommends a Red then play can halt to allow the ref to look at the...
  6. Samson

    Australian Bid for 2027 World Cup

    Where ever the finals are played will be full houses. lets learn the lessons from past mistakes....put the money and energies into teen rugby now and all junior age groups after the two RWC's. We have great junior talent we just need to show them a viable pathway.
  7. Samson

    Brumbies v Hurricanes, 2pm, 01/05

    The ref missed a few things (both ways) to prove he is human. Did not affect the result. Was a most enjoyable game to watch and great to see both teams playing open rugby. Expect to see more people at the Brumbies next home game.
  8. Samson

    Hurricanes v Reds Sat 23rd April

    I live in regional NSW in a fringe NBN area. That may be an issue. I will take note next week when FTA and Stan coincide.
  9. Samson

    Hurricanes v Reds Sat 23rd April

    Positive I hadn't paused. At full time my wife came in and was surprised I did not know the final score as Stan still had 8 mins to go.
  10. Samson

    Hurricanes v Reds Sat 23rd April

    Not sure this is the right thread but I was watching the Reds vs canes on Stan and went for refreshments and noticed the score on free to air where my wife was watching was different. I looked at the time clock and it was at 67 mins. When I got back to watch Stan it was at 59 mins. Why do we pay...
  11. Samson

    Super Rugby Rnd 1: Brumbies v Force

    The ref did us no favours by allowing our lineout throw straight to the catcher. Next match we will be caned for it. The last minute try was a Godsend.
  12. Samson

    Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

    Absolutely agree. Not a Barnes fan a few years back but today he was really good.
  13. Samson

    Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

    The different refereeing styles make it difficult for players. Just watched France vs AB's and you would think they were playing under different rules to Wales and Aus. At least 6 contacts to the head were ignored.
  14. Samson

    Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

    My understanding is a knock down is okay provided : 1. The ball travels backward 2. The defender attempted to grab the ball carrier prior to knocking the ball down. I'm not sure the second point happened in this instance, which would rule no try.
  15. Samson

    Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

    Unfortunately Wright does not offer enough below the neck to make up for the lack above it.
  16. Samson

    Wallabies v Japan, Oita - 23 October, 3:45pm AEDT

    The penalty attempt by Cooper that hit the upright and then bounced into touch resulted in a lineout to Japan. Should the throw have gone to us ?
  17. Samson

    Player eligibility

    When I was growing up and watching test rugby and cricket my father explained that the test was about the strength of the game and it's grass roots standard at that point in time. Occasionally a player such as Greg Davis would migrate across the ditch and play for his adopted country(after a...
  18. Samson

    Kangaroos Vs Wallabies

    If a cross code contest is proposed then i assume the proponents wish to see which code is superior. Lets have a world cup format- Wallabies vs Kangaroos, Ab's vs Kiwis, Springbok vs Saffa 13, England vs North England, Wales 15 vs Wales 13 etc. Rules to be agreed between World Rugby and whatever...
  19. Samson

    COVID-19 Stuff Here

    I read last week that a company in Texas has a vaccine ready to test. it is the same company that developed the vaccine for the Saudi Flu. Under normal circumstances the vaccine would not be ready for human use until end of first quarter 2021 but the CEO says under pandemic conditions it can be...
  20. Samson

    Wallabies vs All Blacks 10th August @Optus Stadium Perth

    If you know a Kiwi living in NZ now is a good time to call. They actually respond well.