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  1. Bay35Pablo

    Sydney Rays .. NRC Team Official Thread

    May get to a few games. If so will try. Drop me the template. gagger has my email. or tweet me.
  2. Bay35Pablo

    Brisbane City - NRC Team Official Thread

    Bugger me has anyone seen full length shots of the kit? Clearly gold jersey but what are the shorts? Country is blue jersey with white shorts? What are City? Blue shorts? White?
  3. Bay35Pablo

    Broadcast options for Australian Rugby

    You tell me, probably sold it along with the kids for a job lot. Given the NBL's model with IPTV, rugby might want to start looking at it ....
  4. Bay35Pablo

    ARU wants to select who coaches

    Nucifora just keeps on hanging on. You can't kill him. He's like a vampire. Here's a couple of thoughts: 1. Who pays for the coaches - ARU or state team (leaving aside all the money comes via the ARU from Foxtel andway)? What's the bet the ARU want decision making which the states then pay...