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  1. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2017

    http://www.saracens.com/news-article/matt-williams-confirmed-as-timisoara-saracens-new-head-coach Does anyone know if he has moved already or will do so at the end of the season?
  2. thecow

    British & Irish Lions tour of New Zealand (2017)

    Didn't watch the game live but watched the highlights this morning. From my view no ruck was formed by the Lions, therefore technically no offside.
  3. thecow

    Shute Shield 2017

    Referee can only admonish participating players in the game with regards to on-field sanctions (such as penalty, Yellow, Red, etc.) if the safety of the game is affected by outside influences (such as what it sounds like has happened here), can halt the game and ask the assistance of ground...
  4. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2017

    FYI - James Leckie has been appointed to the Joeys v Waves game.
  5. thecow

    NRC Rnd 1: Sydney Rays v Western Sydney Rams

    is there a live stream?
  6. thecow

    Sydney Subbies 2016

    I remember a year in the Shute Shield were Hamish Angus won the Best & Fairest when Warringah were in the bottom 4 - was because he consistently polled points where the stronger teams had different players polling points. Shows in a few divisions this year.
  7. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2016

    It has never been on points difference. Always a shared premiership if points are equal. There was a year (I think 2004) during the 'one-round' years when they introduced bonus points and there was a joint title between Barker and Waverley, even though Barker were undefeated, because Waverley...
  8. thecow

    NSW AAGPS Rugby 2016

    At first thoughts I went away thinking that the competition had gone back a couple of pegs, compared to the Scots 2014 side and Newington 2015 (I didn't see the Scots side last year). But I agree with above, except for the first 10 minutes both teams kind of cancelled each other out, with...
  9. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2016

    Knox has 29 rugby teams (25 in 2015) and 36 soccer teams. The changes from last year at Knox have been: Opens have gone from 6 teams in 2015 to 7 in 2016. 16's have gone from 4 teams in 2015 to 5 in 2016 (had 6 at the start of the season but have cut the F's due to injury). 15's have gone...
  10. thecow

    Shute Shield 2016

    What was the lead that Manly had which Eastwood came back from? I understand that some of the decisions were contentious, or incorrect, but I struggle to see why the 1st person blamed in some parts on this forum after this loss is the referee, after you give up a pretty good lead. I'm sure...
  11. thecow

    Sydney Subbies 2016

    I am a referee in Grade and Subbies, and the main difference in my opinion is that a lot of Subbies people and players have little idea of the laws. I haven't had a Subbies game this year, but in the 3 Grade Colts games I've refereed, most of the questions I were asked were relevant in law...
  12. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2016

    There hasn't seemed to be a full draw put up on this thread yet, and the CAS website has nothing. I have the Knox draw, so if you know your school's draw we can fill in the blanks. I'll put the home team first: Round 1 - 7 May Cranbrook v Knox Round 2 - 14 May Knox v Barker Round 3 - 21...
  13. thecow

    Queensland Country vs Melbourne Rising, Rd 1 2015

    Great to see this game also used in the development of Australia's up and coming match officials after the lack of appointments at the World Cup this year. Ref was former Reds halfback Nic Berry, who has just started refereeing.
  14. thecow

    Wallaby 31 players for 2015 RWC

    So what happens if Moore and/or TPN get injured in Game 1 but aren't out for the tournament??????
  15. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2015

    Anyone have a match report/summary of Knox v Waverley 16A?
  16. thecow

    CAS Rugby 2015

    Both Armstrong and Stenning are still out injured. Both are aiming to be back for the Waverley game on 13 June.
  17. thecow

    NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2015

    There are trials at Forshaw this coming Sunday, does anyone know the draws for the other trial dates?
  18. thecow

    Sydney Colts - 2015

    3rd Colts have always been playing Under 19 Law variations, so that wouldn't be changed?
  19. thecow

    NSW AAGPS Rugby 2014

    Anyone able to give a match report of Grammar v High?
  20. thecow

    School sporting scholarships/recruitment

    In terms of the Advanced English stuff that everyone is talking about, the difference between Standard and Advanced is that in Advanced you have to study at least one Shakespearean text, and you don't in Advanced. However, the reason why some schools encourage students strongly to do Advanced is...