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    CAS 2018

    Would expect that we go back to the way it was in the "old days" and schools will alternate so that the home games in 2017 will become away fixtures the next year. So Barker would have Knox and Aloys at Hornsby and Trinity, Waverley and Cranbrook away. In fact if I think back to my own playing...
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    CAS Rugby 2017

    the "reason" given was that "as they had no chance of winning it wasnt worth the effort" Pretty poor attitude
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    CAS Rugby 2017

    same with me and I am happy to bore anyone who will listen as to how we beat Joeys 1sts in '79 with a pushover try. The whole point should be about playing the game for the fun of it and I can assure you the Barker 5ths coach would have moved players around to keep the game competitive. At...
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    CAS Rugby 2017

    If Knox was worried about a mismatch then why agree to the game in the first place?? Also, why leave it until Friday to forfeit leaving no opportunity to arrange an alternative fixture. Year 12 boys from both schools left without a final game of rugby in their school colours.