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    AIC 2023

    better effort from Lauries this week, amazing what they can do with ball in hand. But when they kicked the ball, they picked out Villa players who came down field and scored. Keep ball in hand and they will be hard to beat, otherwise they are giving cheap possession to the opposition.
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    AIC Rugby 2021

    The problem with people picking their best 15 is that it their own opinion which doesn't make then right nor wrong. I am curious though how the school that came fourth could have more players in the 15 than the school that came first after an undefeated season? You named six Villa players, yet...
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    AIC Rugby 2021

    SLC 23 SPC 0 Villa 31 Eddies 19 MCA 42 SPLC 12 Iona 26 Padua 26
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    AIC Rugby 2021

    Lauries 15 - Ashgrove 7