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    QLD Colts 2023

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    AIC Rugby 2022

    Actual standings 1 Premiers SLC 2 SEC 3 SPLC (SPLC and SEC did not play due to the washout round) 4 MCA (MCA beat Villa in the trial) 4 Villa 6 Iona 6 Padua 7 SPC Iona given they were the underage champions nearly all the way through were very disappointing, and many though Padua were better...
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    AIC Rugby 2022

    Can hardly be an average Marist side given they won 31-5! Sure they have lost the 2 starting props and a second row for the year, but the other boys have stepped up!
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    AIC Rugby 2022

    Need a serious attitude readjustment, no respect for the opposition, turned up and thought they would win!!! Disorganized bunch of individuals have forgotten to play as a team, to busy all trying to make the highlight reel. Lack of leadership on the field, very poor basic skill, no game...