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  1. LearningCurve

    Melbourne Rebels 2024

    Is Melbourne really the nation's sporting capital? Yes they get big crowds for AFL but this concept that Melburnians will support any sport has (I think) been proven incorrect with the poor support for the Rebels and things like the rugby magic round. RA needed (still needs) to look at the AFL...
  2. LearningCurve

    Round 13 : Reds v Drua 18 May (Fiji)

    Expect Mick Byrne to have the Drua targeting Vunivalu's wing on attack. Interested to see what Annan brings in both attack and defence. What is the plan if Creighton goes down? Campbell into 10 and O'Connor off the bench into 15 or play O'Connor at 10?
  3. LearningCurve

    Round 12: Reds v Rebels Fri 12th 7:35PM @ Suncorp

    That crowd looked very small on tv, got to be worrying for QRU if they have to rely on opposition fans to make for a decent crowd. As Reg noted, Rebels don't draw a crowd but Reds had seemed to have a positive buzz around them this year so would have expected them to attract more interest.
  4. LearningCurve

    Queensland Reds 2024

    Isn't that what coaching is supposed to do - teach new players how to position themselves and get rid of habits that the sport doesn't want. League players hold onto the ball on the ground when they get tackled - we coach them to not do that so surely the Reds coaching staff can coach a league...
  5. LearningCurve

    Round 5 : Force v Reds - Perth

    Well done Force. Just finished watching the end of the replay - totally surprised me but good to see the Force performing well. Just a shame that it was at the expense of the Reds.
  6. LearningCurve

    Round 5: Hurricanes v Rebels - Friday 22/3 - 5pm AEDT

    Fabulous job by the young Canes 10 and 15, looked really good. TJ was great.
  7. LearningCurve

    Aussie Player Exodus

    If anyone is making Tupou a big offer they can't have been watching any of his games for the Rebels.
  8. LearningCurve

    Australian Club Championship - Brothers v Randwick

    When did Beale last play 10?
  9. LearningCurve

    Qld Premier Rugby 2024

    heard that this Speight guy might be quite useful :). Where has Henry been? Good to see him back in club, is he hoping to pick up a Super Rugby gig?
  10. LearningCurve

    Super Rugby: Rd 2. NSW Waratahs v Crusaders, Sat Mar 2

    Very young Crusaders starting backline, apart from Havili and Reece I think. It will be interesting to see how they go.
  11. LearningCurve

    Super Rugby: Round 1. Rebels vs Brumbies - 23 Feb AAMI

    How does he keep getting selected and contracted? Big unit for sure, and I was told once that he was a very good scrummager but I just don't see what he brings. Not dominant with ball in hand, lineouts are awful...
  12. LearningCurve

    SF2: England v South Africa 22/10/23 @ 0800 NZDT

    Smith has been under an injury cloud all week, training separately - they were hoping he would come through but looks like he didn't.
  13. LearningCurve

    Western Force 2024

    I thought he stood out this year for the Force - wasn't familiar with him previously but certainly noticed him this year. Interesting that he plays 8 as well as lock.
  14. LearningCurve

    Wallabies 2023

    Can't see Jones in the GM role - he would turn over too many people - very much my way or nothing.
  15. LearningCurve

    Qld Premier Rugby 2023

    Bond and their supporters should be proud of their record this season, they were tough opposition. Hopefully they can build on that and use it to develop more players for future seasons and grow the game on the Coast and probably tap into Northern NSW also.
  16. LearningCurve

    Qld Premier Rugby 2023

    Well done Brothers. Certainly showing the benefit of having the Super Rugby players back the last few matches. How many Super Rugby players are likely to line up for Brothers and Wests next week?
  17. LearningCurve

    Qld Premier Rugby 2023

    Difficult for Easts having to go again vs a stacked Brothers team. Great to see the likes of O'Connor playing QPR but it certainly favours the teams that can bring these players back. As an aside, how many times in recent years have their been QPR finals without UQ being part of it? They have...
  18. LearningCurve

    Qld Premier Rugby 2023

    Do you mean that Wests won't be the Rebels players home anymore or are they just expanding to GPS as well?
  19. LearningCurve

    Western Force 2024

    Born 1970 according to Ultimate Rugby
  20. LearningCurve

    Queensland Reds 2024

    Not Nathan Grey please. Surprised he was interviewed, seems to be well connected but as a Head Coach?