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  1. James Buchanan

    Rebels 2018

    I was really happy to see this video on my facebook feed: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https://www.facebook.com/melbournerebels/videos/1901875219853027/&show_text=0&width=560 Great to see both those kids happy and competing for the 10 jumper with the Rebels. Will only make...
  2. James Buchanan

    Round 5: Rebels v Waratahs, Friday the 24th of March AAMI Park @7:40

    I am very angry right now. Refereeing was abysmal. But the Rebels should have been better than that. Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  3. James Buchanan

    Reds v Rebels Rd 14, 2015

    That's generally my favourite venue to watch the rugby because of the better than average beer list. Hopefully they'll have the game on inside though.
  4. James Buchanan

    Friday 8th May, Rebels v Blues @ AAMI Park

    The games are definitely more enjoyable to watch. I'd still like to see them winning more consistently against the top teams in the comp but the Rebels do feel like they've turned the corner and the core team has gelled into something much more consistent than what we have previously seen from...
  5. James Buchanan

    Friday 8th May, Rebels v Blues @ AAMI Park

    As my coach always said. You have to be good enough for the ref calls not to matter.
  6. James Buchanan

    Force v Rebels Rd 5

    Jeez. It was noticeable when Fuglistaller and Timani went off that the Rebels lost something at the breakdown.
  7. James Buchanan

    Rebels v Waratahs 2015 Super Rugby Rd 2

    Next time let me know you are coming down. Beer Deluxe in Fed Square normally has a pretty decent selection of local and imported brews. Alternatively, you can go straight to the source and head to Mountain Goat Brewery which is just up the road in Richmond.
  8. James Buchanan

    Rebels v Waratahs 2015 Super Rugby Rd 2

    That obviously depends on how much value you place on of the match stats. Eg: Is a try worth 3 tackles? That's very subjective.
  9. James Buchanan

    Rebels v Waratahs 2015 Super Rugby Rd 2

    I may be a little one eyed but rebels were a bit stiff to lose that.
  10. James Buchanan

    Crusaders v Rebels Friday 13th

    Can anyone fill me in about why jack d was subbed?
  11. James Buchanan

    Rams vs Rising, Sat 11 October @ Pirtek

    That stream was pretty good once I hit the mute button.
  12. James Buchanan

    Force Vs Rebels - Rd4 2014

    The "double movement". He was tackled and made one action to play the ball, which dotted it on the line. The replay is clear. The laws are clear. That is a legal action. Terrible call, but hardly something that will change the face of the game.
  13. James Buchanan

    Force Vs Rebels - Rd4 2014

    That was a try to Inman, but in the big scheme of things the team has been pretty awful. Jones has made a huge impact since coming on. Smith also. Don't think Neville will make it off the bench in the near future.
  14. James Buchanan

    Super Rugby Round Three: Rebels v Cheetahs, Friday 28 Feb, AAMI Park

    Haven't heard anything about it. You'd hope something is raised tomorrow if there is some sort of external review mechanism.
  15. James Buchanan

    Rebels 2014

  16. James Buchanan

    Rebels 2014

    It would seem that if Situati is gone, then Veainu is a replacement for him much like Ellison would be a replacement for Sidey.
  17. James Buchanan

    Waratahs 2014

    Where did you get your hands on the early draw, if I may ask?
  18. James Buchanan

    Waratahs 2014

    I can see why retaining Horne was a prioroty for Chieka...
  19. James Buchanan

    Reds 2014

    Much like Victoria/WA and AFL players.
  20. James Buchanan

    Rebels 2014

    Jaysus. Reading that article, you'd have to think that he's almost the prototypical modern day 12. He's Jamie Roberts with a passing and kicking game :eek: That being said, I would be thoroughly unsurprised that the Rebels are looking into any and all options they can for 10/12. I am even less...