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  1. Scarfman

    Waratahs vs Crusaders 2014 Super Rugby Grand Final

    Thanks for that pic, oldboy. I never thought I'd have Richie as my avatar, but there's something hypnotic about it. I can't stop looking at it. Mission accomplished, I can now rest.
  2. Scarfman

    Waratahs vs Crusaders 2014 Super Rugby Grand Final

    naza, mate, I know how you feel. It's a weird feeling. That was about the worst 80 minutes of my year. I thought I was going to have an aneurysm.
  3. Scarfman

    Waratahs vs Crusaders 2014 Super Rugby Grand Final

    On the top of a mountain, thinking.
  4. Scarfman

    Waratahs vs Crusaders 2014 Super Rugby Grand Final

    Wow. (As a little New South Welshman once said at a big occasion). I have supported the Tahs since I played Under 9s for Chatswood and got a broken nose for my troubles. That's pretty much all I got out of the Tahs until tonight. Like 1993, this victory is one for the True Believers. I...
  5. Scarfman

    A quiet little retirement

    Cheers boys, I love youse all. Take care of the old girl for me.
  6. Scarfman

    A quiet little retirement

    Hello to all that can find this post. I don't want this posted anywhere more public since I'm just not that relevant to the forum any more. Which is good. But I do have to write something quick just to say that I'm retiring from the forum as a poster, and I wanted to thank everyone who has...
  7. Scarfman

    Nominations - Constantly Butting Heads

    Me vs Scotty, Inside Shouder, MR, Dan, Jay, Cave Dweller, that anarcho-syndicalist guy ......... what can I tell you? I'm an
  8. Scarfman

    Nominations - Most One-eyed Poster

    Well, I was hoping for Poster of the Year, but as long as I win something.
  9. Scarfman

    Nominations - Constantly Butting Heads

    A trend is developing.
  10. Scarfman

    Nominations - Poster of the Year

    Cyclopath holds the forum together - and I don't think he has won the big one yet, has he? He's due!
  11. Scarfman

    Nominations - Funniest Poster

    cyclopth. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  12. Scarfman

    Hundred pushup challenge

    That's sounds really great bryce. I would just tweak it a little: 9am - go to the beach 10am - do nothing 4pm - get rapidly hammered 6pm - beach again 7pm - gin and tonics 9pm - bother wife REPEAT There's plenty there for the upper and lower body. The morning session I like to do about half...
  13. Scarfman

    RWC 2015 Pools

    It's a good thing we aren't in Pool B - Scotland and Samoa! We'd be fucked!
  14. Scarfman


    Supporting the United States, right or wrong, is starting to look like stupidity. It's morally weak and poor strategy. Apart from the fact that it's the right thing to do, we need to start looking for post-US alliances.
  15. Scarfman

    Will Cooper play for the Reds in 2013?

    Because the ARU don't like getting F'd in the A, the same as the rest of us.
  16. Scarfman

    Should Pocock have to earn back his starting spot?

    By the way - I have a prediction. For 5 years, Robbie has been inexplicably playing people out of position. I've got a feeling in me waters that on this occasion - the one where we think it might actually be a good idea - Robbie will decide that they have to compete for the 7 spot.
  17. Scarfman

    Should Pocock have to earn back his starting spot?

    I think if you're going to play both men, then Hooper should play 8. Given that he's got a little bit of filling out still left in him, there's been plenty of great 8s of his size. Not too many 6s, though. Obviously then you need to pick height at 6. If you put Hooper down for the graft role...
  18. Scarfman

    Should Pocock have to earn back his starting spot?

    I can think of a point in playing Pocock. He is the incumbent Wallabies captain, and has been our best player for the last 2 years and had done nothing to lose his spot except get injured. He is all class and needs to be given the opportunity of losing his spot by consistently playing worse than...
  19. Scarfman

    Hore's brain-fart

    What's wrong with my comments, exactly? Just this year, I've had one bloke puff up at me at a children's party, and a Crusader fan (friend of a friend) invite us to the rugby just to get hammered and abuse me all night. During super rugby, the only time I feel in danger of getting into a fight...