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  1. Iluvmyfooty

    Shute Shield 2016

    Yes it is. On 7Two. Currently Norths 18-15
  2. Iluvmyfooty

    Shute Shield 2016

    Any score from the Manly game
  3. Iluvmyfooty

    The League Media

    They might be having fun but it isn't a good look for the game given history of these sort of things happening before
  4. Iluvmyfooty

    The League Media

    There are two things with this Pearce thing that gets my goat. First when I now think the name Pearce and rugby league I think of this dickhead and the off-field antics he has carried on with rather than the great career of his father. Well done Mitch!!:mad: Secondly, obviously his parents...
  5. Iluvmyfooty

    Jonah Lomu has Died....

    very sad. A true great of our game. All supporters of all rugby nations will feel this loss.
  6. Iluvmyfooty

    The League Media

    Isn't there a seperate forum on why I hate that other game. Don't see too much talk lately about the media. Maybe when big Sammie comes back the talk about league media will return
  7. Iluvmyfooty

    The League Media

    At least the AFL media is honest - its AFL and nothing else. It galls me when I see ARL types, who ignore and/or ridicule RU during the year, now wearing wallaby scarves or jumping on the bandwagon now they have made the final of what would be one of the top world wide sporting events e.g Tony...
  8. Iluvmyfooty

    Waratahs 2016

    Did Ben Matwijo (shocking spelling I know) play as a lock for Canterbury in the ITM final? An outstanding player and maybe an outside chance
  9. Iluvmyfooty

    Manly 2015

    Palu and Gower return. Will make some players very unhappy in both top grades. A difficult situation to manage properly.
  10. Iluvmyfooty

    Manly 2015

    Where are the teams listed Coach
  11. Iluvmyfooty

    Manly 2015

    what time do all grades start tomorrow
  12. Iluvmyfooty

    The impending Hooper vs Pocock Dilemma

    Sounds like he played like a 6
  13. Iluvmyfooty

    Manly 2015

    Good performance today from Manly in 1st grade. Won trial by about 8 tries to 4. Forward pack dominated Randwick all over the field. Scrum was very, very good. Liked the look of 9,10 and 12 (Lane I think was 10 and Reece Hodge was 12) for Manly. From what I heard they won the lower grade games...
  14. Iluvmyfooty

    Sydney Colts - 2015

    To be eligible to play in the Laffan Cup you must be enrolled and currently studying at the institution participating. Club rugby registrations are not relevant to the Cup. This means that if you are studying at Macquarie Uni and you are currently a Parramatta colt or grade player you can...
  15. Iluvmyfooty

    Shute Shield 2015

    Have heard Manly did it easy against Wests
  16. Iluvmyfooty

    Rugby HQ 2015

    Well it starts again tonight. I guess that the same crew is running it
  17. Iluvmyfooty

    Player Movements Shute Shield 2015

    I think Swanny has gone back to Qld
  18. Iluvmyfooty

    Shute Shield 2015

    Just because they have a new coach? I prredict they will be In top 3
  19. Iluvmyfooty

    Pocock Arrested

    Some of the views on here are amazing! People want to label what happened the same as some of the other idiots that are around that have assaulted women, been in late night drunken fights and been thrown off planes. What he has done has just deepened the respect I and a lot of other Austealians...
  20. Iluvmyfooty

    G&GR MOM - v England - London 29/11/14

    3. To'omua 2. AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) 1. Hooper HM no one ( maybe a couple of backs - Horne, Folau. Certainly no other forward)