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    QLD Teams 2019

    Head shots for the Queensland teams have been on getty images for the the last few days at least. As well as the Vikings, Rising and the Western Force.
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    Rebels 2017

    Laurie Fisher might be available soon, its on tHE BBC SPORT website.
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    Rebels 2016

    Mitch Inman playing for Toulon while World Cup is on.
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    Waratahs 2015

    Ollie Atkins to Exeter Chiefs to help replace Dean Mumm
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    Ideas for NRC 2015

    Im from the UK, really enjoyed watching games on youtube disappointed final had no commentary.
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    Brumbies 2014

    Henry Vanderglas Grenoble, season more or less over out of top 6 contention
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    Waratahs 2014

    Ryan Hodson signs for Jersey in the English Championship.
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    3rd tier is back in 2014 [Discontinued]

    I would like to see all reserves get at least 20 minutes so to develop more players. Then if any bad injuries players can come back on, I say this because in some games the bench is not used how can that help the players confidence thinking coaches do not trust them
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    Western Force 2014

    point taken I was thinking players like Hodson who had an outstanding season and was part of the western force training squad once. this post was not just aimed at you look at the brumbies signing a 9 and 10 to sit behind white and To'omua
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    Western Force 2014

    As a fan of Australian super rugby in England I find it hard to understand why yours teams sign 2nd rate foreign players to fill squad places . This last flanker from the sharks unless brilliant wont get much game time behind Alcock ,Hodgson ,Cottrell ,etc. With all the good young aussie...
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    Rebels 2014

    Ben Matwijow and Rohan Saifoloi lock and 10, bring on young aussies. Don't fill spots with saffers who will only maybe make the 23 Like the Force and Brumbies.
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    Rebels 2014

    according to wiki super rugby transfers 2014 , west has been signed from hawkes bay
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    Waratahs 2014

    Is anyone going to give ryan hodson an eps spot, been getting great reviews this season
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    Rebels 2014

    So that's 28 in squad so far minus situati and sidey, 5 eps sorted, 7 overseas players so all that's needed is a 10 and a lock or backrow depending on where luke jones plays.
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    Rebels 2014

    hi also first timer, can anyone explain why photos of sidey, sitauti and dyer have disappeared from player profiles on website thankyou