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    Bledisloe 2 - Wallabies vs All Blacks, Wellington, 27 August 2016

    I like this team, however, i would be more pumped about it if this were game 1, and if, either Mcmahon or Timani were in the mix, how is that Skelton is ahead of Timani?? After looking at the changes, im sure the wallabies are going to perform way better, even if they are playing in NZ.
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    Bledisloe 2 - Wallabies vs All Blacks, Wellington, 27 August 2016

    He is actually an explosive and strong ball carrier, but has not showed lately.
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    The Rugby Championship 2016

    Actually, if you saw most of the 2014 and 2015 waratahs games, you might had notice this too. In 2015 was very easy to spot how the tahs would play the same gameplan for full 80 minutes, players were full tilt, but they were very predictable. After that season i had the feeling that Cheika was a...
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    Wallabies v England in Melbourne, 18 June

    McMahon doesn't look like a bad choice to me, won't carry the ball like he does in Super Rugby and, obviously, he cant offer the same traits as Pocock, but he's gonna be solid in defense and i think he is the kind of player that reaches every ruck on time. On attack he won't harm the england pack, but i...
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    Wallabies v England, Sat 11th June, 8.00pm, Suncorp Brisbane

    I dont understand that much the scrum laws, but why Poite penalized two times, i think, the wallabies for angling in, when Coles was the only prop perpendicular to the scrum?. Also when Poite went to Sio side, Coles was straight an Mako was the one going perpendicular. As a i said i dont...