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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    Good point - atrocious attitudes towards trying to win, hypocritical bigots pushing political agenda in every second post, shadow bans for predicting where the wallabies would end up ahead of the world cup... gagr taking a leaf out of RA playbook on shrinking to greatness.
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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    Read the fucking post I relied to.... @RugbyReg was talking about "testing out combinations" in his post. I said I'd rather take it seriously like a test match. Then he's doubled down about marketing and quick cash grabs etc. Teams don't fuck about with combinations and shit if they are...
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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    I don't - speak to the guys trying to convince me that we shouldn't treat it like a test match.
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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    They already do. Convince me they don't. I literally said "treat it like a test match" and you fuckers are trying to convince me that we shouldn't by putting other priorities ahead of that. If they treat it like a test match - they'll get every other benefit you guys mention. They get...
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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    No good - @RugbyReg as well connect to the qru as he is tells me where their actual mindset is. I'd like to hear specifically how any of you think the players get any benefit at all by playing against a test team but not taking it seriously and prepping like it's a test match? Brumbies would...
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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    Hell, you've convinced me. Reds aren't gonna put in effort to be competitive - why waste my money going to watch? How does deliberately not trying to win add to their value as a global brand?
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    Crusaders v Reds: International Star Wars Day 4:35pm NZST

    I'd rather the reds treat it like a test. As well as they are going, I just don't think they'll get into the final four again this year (just too early in their game maturity), so take the opportunity against Wales to gain a test level prep and match experience.
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    Round 10 : Reds v Blues

    Lol you might well be right. Too many drinks already for me clearly
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    Round 10 : Reds v Blues

    Vunivalu just puts in minimum effort in everything he does. High potential but incredibly low floor. Bad player. This referee is just another level of wtf. Players are already starting to take the law into their own hands and it's messy AF at the rucks now. Odd that he'd be doing the blues a...
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    Wallabies 2024

    Wholeheartedly agree, with a minor change.
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    Rd 9: Auckland Blues v ACT Brumbies, Sat, April 20 2024

    Brumby runner pissed at the reds winning and pissed at the brumbies getting pantsed. (And the raiders getting wtf destroyed as a bonus) A great weekend of footy.
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    Wallabies 2024

    They are actually the same brain fart, just a better opposition. His quick 22 to himself against the reds worked out ok because only 3 people on the field knew what he was going to do. Against any of the top 10 test teams in the world, he would have been tackled, turned over and the opposition...
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    Wallabies 2024

    Yeah, but you didn't write that list the way that BR sees the list. I've fixed that for you.
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    Round 6: Reds v Brumbies

    This is not the reds year tbh. Brumbies well drilled and will continue to result in the wallabies being crucified by international referees. I'd be happy enough with the red maintaining their play style and building to dominate that Welsh team tbh. Great match and a deserved win by the stain...
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    Round 5: Brumbies v Moana Pasifika. Fri 7.35PM AEDT @ GIO Stadium

    Mate I bleed red and Wilson is not even close to bobby v. Giteau is still a bastage for kicking the 3 to fuck the reds. There's not even a set of EnChroma glasses that anyone wears that would be able to justify Wilson over bobby v.
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    Round 3: Reds vs Chiefs, 6:45pm AEST - Saturday 9th of March @ Suncorp

    Wilson fails to pass the ball on, instead looks for contact, looses it in the ruck. 2 minutes later they score at the other end. Just bad,
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    Australian Rugby / RA

    Wtf are you talking about? He clearly explains at the end of this video about how other people who have worked in a specific industry and excelled in their career just don't have the ability to cope with pressure and high performance equal to an ex rugby player that gets a token leadership...
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    SRP (Super Rugby Pacific) Trials: QLD Reds v Western Force, Ballymore, 3/2/24 @ 3:00pm AEST

    True, but at what point is winning a fucking game important. Brumbies won, rebels won and force won and red lost How about practicing winning a fucking game Sick and tired of the "zomg it was hot" like it wasn't hot and humid for the force ffs!!!!!! Reds were bad... Admit it..
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    The one and only Wallaby Coach thread

    Yes. Any professional in any industry takes an interest in their own professional development. You are wrong if you think differently.