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    Reds 2019

    Right you are Reg, throw in Leinster in that mix as well. It must be more driven by Thorn because the Reds have churned/burned through a lot of prospects before him, and Thorn coached a lot of this crop at u20s. With one of (if not the largest) player pools in the country, the Reds should have...
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    The Wallabies Thread

    Nail on the head. For some reason, the talent I.D. around 5/8's is mind-numbingly amiss in Australia. The two/three best prospects I saw in Brisbane over 2012-2016 were Sam Greene, Brodie Croft and Isaac Lucas. Guys that can play flat, attack the line and read and manipulate the defence, with...
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    Reds 2017

    They got you then... The away dark Navy one wasn't so bad (however unnecessary), the grey pre-season one was. The Reds home kit only clashes with potentially 2 teams; Crusaders & Lions. They were almost indistinguishable from the Brumbies when they wore grey pre-season jerseys for no other...
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    Reds 2017

    Hopefully they put the Grey pre-season jersey into recievership also! Terrible, terrible marketing gimmick.
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    The Awful Truth About The ARU's Financial Position

    Some great ideas there. I'd say first and foremost the product on the field has to improve to be an entertaining spectacle. The Tahs vs Chiefs was one of the best games to watch with attacking broken play rugby this year, but was not seen enough. Now I'm not saying I want a try fest with no...
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    Reds 2017

    Yes no point signing straight from school. I did say prospect though. DP is primarily a 12, McIntyre will need a cushion in 2017, Mason will be playing club rugby (in Sydney since he's signed with the Tahs), Tim Horan will remain on the Fox sports panel with occasional appearances in Reds TV...
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    Reds 2017

    Haha if that's true that is karma for ya. The best flyhalf prospect coming through QLD schools over the last 3 years (I've seen) and it seems they've burnt that bridge. Morons. The RG effect continues.
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    Reds 2017

    One thing he offers that players twice the size often lack, is straight line running. Sounds simple enough but not alot of backs are effective at it. He runs onto the ball hard at pace holding his line with good timing which is a big reason he breaks the line so much at NRC. At the last Reds...
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    Wallaby Coaching Staff

    He is head coach of the Georgia national team
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    Reds 2017

    Anyone know what happened to Jack Tuttle? Started at fullback for a few games and hasn't been named in the squad. The management of the young players is sometimes baffling. I can only think that the top squad contracts given out to Ngamanu & Hewitt were forced to match offers elsewhere, and if...
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    NRC Rnd 7: Brisbane City v QLD Country

    Credit to McIntyre today. Played direct more often & laid on about 5 try assists; some easy some not so. The ball to Toby White off the lineout on halfway was perfect, timing and delivery. Haven't seen that consistently enough hopefully he can bring back more of that. Defence from both sides...
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    Reds 2017

    The main crux of this Hunt/Ponga signing argument boils down to contract management, like anything with a market, people can pay crazy prices and only learn if they made the right call down the track. For the Reds, they have mad some very poor decisions. But for every bad investment like the...
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    QLD Premier Rugby 2017

    Really? Mason got dropped a few weeks ago... he is talented but I have not seen much at NRC and even QPR level for that matter. Playing him at Super Rugby on what I've seen will be a big risk. He needs 2-3 years of development IMO to develop & harness the full range of skills to a 10 needs...
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    Reds 2017

    The reality is the Reds need to innovate and find something different that gives them an advantage, because right now having a great scrum that milks penalties doesn't win games of rugby. QC (Quade Cooper) is an out-the-box kind of player, and you don't bring him in unless your prepared to play that way...
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    Reds 2017

    Having watched DP starting to carve up NRC this season (league habits aside), I believe the Reds need to go with a 2-headed backline with dual threat playmakers QC (Quade Cooper) at 10 and DP at 12 and Hunt at 15. QC (Quade Cooper) needs a roaming licence to float between first reciever or out wide in the line at fullback...
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    Western Force 2017

    Can any informed Force fan shed light on the recruitment strategy at the moment? Early on they managed to snag young QLD talent like Pocock & O'Connor plus big money signings Giteau & Sharpe helped make the Force competitive but have regressed with a roster that doesnt exactly pull crowds &...
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    NRC Rnd 5: Brisbane City v Sydney Rays

    He's not playing any materially different to Super Rugby or last year's NRC. His defence was better today and had a couple of runs which created some go forward but still no breaks. He looked marginally better at NRC level today but nothing to suggest he will leap forward at Super Rugby. Only time he will take...
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    Reds 2017

    Top League Japan
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    Reds 2017

    Interested to hear thoughts on what a successful 2017 season is, and where fan expectations are? In my view, 3rd in the Aussie conference will be acceptable, at a minimum the Reds must clean sweep the Force & Rebels and finish above the non-rugby states. 2nd in the conf. will be above...
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    QLD GPS Rugby 2016

    Saw the vid the 10 was outstanding. Who is he?