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    CAS 2019

    Although, Waves will be an instant contender, don't forget that the Knox class of 2019 went UNDEFEATED as the 16As, so here is the the predicted team 1. Adam Bowen (2s)/Harland Rock (3s) 2. Ewan Leonard (2s) 3. Will Kablau (1s/2s) 4. Louis Pratt (2s) 5. Olli Hughes (1s) 6. Enrique Grobler (1s)...
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    CAS 2018

    Shariat has been selected to, and chosen to represent Australia in Am. Football, hence why he stopped representing the school
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    CAS 2018

    Early Prediction for Knox: 1. J Frear (1st) 2. S Kennedy (1st / U16A) 3. W Kablau/K Haslam (U16A) 4. H Kinsey (2nd) 5. D Williams (2nd) 6. D Glassie (Injured) 7. D Brenden (U16A) 8. O Cheal (U16A) 9. T Constable (U16A) 10. J McInerney (2nd If he can play) / S Rechner (U16A) 11. O Evans (U16A)...