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  1. AussieDominance

    Class of 2017 - Where are they going?

    Team lists : NSW I (1-23) Bo Abra, Ciaran Loh, Darcy Breen, Max Douglas, Nick Frost, Luca Moretti, Donny Freeman, Charlie Rorke, Henry Robertson, Ben Donaldson, Will Lloyd, Brooklyn Hardaker, Billy Smith, Albert Hopoate, Thomas Woodcock. Reserves: Will Johnston, Apenisa Driti, Max Cutrone...
  2. AussieDominance

    Lindsay Crook (Australian 7's) to Gridiron

    Didn't see a thread on this - http://cincinnati.247sports.com/Article/Bearcats-Add-Pro-Rugby-Player-127133
  3. AussieDominance

    A first waiting to happen? Three brothers representing different countries?

    With the Internationals just about to come round - one would back Salesi Maafu to be picked in the Wallabies side for the Domestic International Season. Not to be outdone his brother Campese Maafu has been selected in the Fijian squad for the upcoming Test against Australia on June the 5th...
  4. AussieDominance

    Which clubs are the Class of 2009 going to?

    A few I have heard who played rep teams in 2009 : Scott Ferris - West Harbour(To play grade) - NSW Schools Jacob Woodhouse - Sydney Uni - Aust Schools Luke Jones - Sydney Uni - Aust Schools James Carling - Sydney Uni - GPS 1's Matt Armour - Sydney Uni - GPS 2's Help me out they are all just...
  5. AussieDominance

    Sydney Grade Cricket

    Anyone follow grade cricket here??? As I just stated in the which Shute Shield team here I play for the bears aka North Sydney. So anyone follow grade cricket?