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  1. PTB

    Oz Schools v NZ Schools Test & Tour

    3 Placid 2 Gunn 1 Robinson
  2. PTB

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2012

    I dont think the team willl be too disimilar too this.... politics 1. Pleash (Qld 1) 2. Postal (Qld 2) 3. Robertson (NSW 2) 4. Rorke (NSW 1) 5. Cornelsen (Qld 1) 6. Dempsey (NSW 1) 7. Randell (CS) 8. Whitely (NSW 1) 9. Natoli (NSW 1) 10. Horwitz (NSW 1) 11. Foketi (NSW 2) 12. Tuttle (Qld 1)...
  3. PTB

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2012

    is it true pulvers been injured and will be ruled out of selection? surely would of been top ranked half before injury additionally tuttle and stewart cannot wait
  4. PTB

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2012

    What I believe to be the best starting backline from the first days play (note opposition were the weakest) Day 1 backline 9 Pulver (CS) really stood up, and stood out 10 Tulloch (NSW II) best first five of the day, much tougher opposition awaits though 11 Jones (NSW II) Best winger of the...
  5. PTB

    2012 IRB Junior World Championship

    also explains melrose's selection ahead of two much better options in the warringah or eastwoods first grade 7's
  6. PTB

    NSW AAGPS Rugby 2012

    incumbent means it was his position last year and he wasnt the 6 buddy
  7. PTB

    NSW AAGPS Rugby 2012

    Pretty sure he wasnt ha ha
  8. PTB

    2012 IRB Junior World Championship

    Shut up bruce you muupet
  9. PTB

    SH team vs NH team....any aussies in the SH team?

    1. B. Franks 2. Du Plessis 3. Kruger 4. Sharpe 5. Becker 6. Brussow 7. Pocock 8. Kaino 9. Genia 10. Carter 11. Jane 12. De Villiers 13. Smith 14. Dagg 15. Beale res Strauss, O. Franks, Van Der m=Merve, Spies, Hougaard, Lambie, O'Connor noticeable absentee's Richie & Thorn
  10. PTB

    NSW AAGPS Rugby 2012

    is it safe to say stewart & horwitz aswell as rorke and whitely are the only guarantees for gps 1st jerseys? with kellaway not far behind but not a definite?
  11. PTB

    Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2012

    early predictions for a 15?
  12. PTB

    National Academy 2012

    Is that so Lee? I was of the belief that the new ARU academy replaced all franchises academies and centralized it into one ARU academy at the two different locations (Syd and Qld)
  13. PTB

    NSW AAGPS Rugby 2012

    He will be the 3rds halfback, Davis firsts very talented player & Prater NSW 16s (10) 2nds halfback, very unlucky Davis came to the school
  14. PTB

    2011 IRB Player of the Year

    disagree with genia, super 15 form was amazing, but weepu very much so
  15. PTB

    2011 IRB Player of the Year

    Genia Pocock O'Brien Kaino Warburton possibly contenders Roberts Dagg Nonu Parra
  16. PTB

    3-2-1 Wallabies best on ground (RWC semi final)

    3 O Connor 2 Ioane 1 Pocock 3 Dagg 2 Jane 1 Cruden
  17. PTB

    2011 Team Of The Tournament

    Putting out my top 3 nominations in each spot now, should be able to cut these down after the finals. 1. Roncero (ARG), Mtawarira (RSA), Perenise (SAM) 2. du Plessis (RSA), Schwalger (SAM), Servat (FRA) 3. Castrogiovanni (ITA), Murray (SCO), Figallo (ARG) 4. Rossouw (RSA), Albacete (ARG)...
  18. PTB

    Sydney Colts 2011

    suprised uni didnt have kingston playing with everyone else that was allowed too
  19. PTB

    Discussion on ARU matters

    New ARU Academy anyone know what the go is at this stage?