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    CAS U16s 2017

    Narrabeen- confirmation received today via email.Sjru vs school boys 2@11.15 and so on....
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    Zone Championships SJRU CJRU

    Forgot to add, yes, u16's! Sorry Typo error and forgot to add West. Standouts..there were a few but interesting to see who will make the team..seeing that a few of these boys played schoolboys a week ago. Good Luck to all.
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    Zone Championships SJRU CJRU

    Very entertaining rugby at Boronia Park and agree there were some great talents. MNZ Team - North Zone was undefeated (Vikings and Gordon). South and East put up a great fight, with Barbars following behind. Competitive and lots of fun even with the cold chills of the last 2 days.
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    CAS U16s 2017

    i agree..thank you
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    2017 - NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections

    CHS U18- Team 1&2 -well done at Camden! Can only get better. CHS U16-Congrats to the 23 man squad. Bring on School Boys Comp!
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    NSW CHS Rugby 2017

    Does anyone have any updates on trials at Armidale