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  1. Wilson

    Barbarians vs Samoa, Sunday 28 November 12:30AM AEST

    Team has been named for the Barbarians, and it's about half Australian so I figured this game deserved a thread: Interesting to see O'Connor getting a run at fullback. No idea if this is going to be broadcast in Australia, no sign of it on the Stan calendar.
  2. Wilson

    2022 Super W Season

    Looks like it's time to kick off this thread with the news that the Reds are getting an early start in preperation for the 2022 Super W season - they've assembled a squad of 48, well ahead of the usual start time:
  3. Wilson

    Sources for Rugby Statistics

    I was wondering if anyone had any good sources for detailed rugby statistics? For background - I work in software engineering, on data warehousing and analytics software in particular. I've been looking for a good source of data that I actually care about and have some opinions on how it...
  4. Wilson

    2021 Women's World Cup

    New Zealand have beaten Australia to host the 2021 Women's world cup: http://www.rugby.com.au/news/2018/11/14/womens-rugby-world-cup-2021-host-announcement I really hate to whinge as soon as Australia loses something, but from everything I've seen about the bids this is the wrong decision...
  5. Wilson

    Player Distribution in Australia and the Potential for a Draft

    There's been a lot of talk about player distribution in Australia lately, with wallabies top ups and sabbaticals, super rugby players playing in the NRC and particularly the potential for a draft all points of contention. The Force CEO Mark Sindberry has called for a draft...
  6. Wilson

    Perth Spirit vs. Brisbane City - NRC Round 2, 31/08 @ UWA Sports Park - McGillivray Oval

    Round 2 of the NRC is coming up and this Sunday sees Perth Spirit hosting Brisbane City. With both sides winning their inaugural matches this clash is 3 vs 4 on the ladder. Expect both teams to come out firing after an exciting start to the competition. Returning Wallabies for both sides -...
  7. Wilson

    Brisbane City vs. Sydney Stars - NRC Round 1, 21/08 @ Ballymore

    The NRC is finally upon us, with Brisbane City hosting the Sydney Stars for game 1 at Ballymore this Thursday. Tickets available here: http://wl.eventopia.co/event/Brisbane-City-v-Sydney-Stars/256722?afflky=queenslandrugbyunion If you're in Brisbane get to the game to support the long awaited...