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    CAS Rugby 2023

    Barker looking fierce this week with players along the likes of matthew hanley coming back from a minor stubbed toe injury. looking to make a big impact with a quote on quote “target on that lanky 2nd row” looks like ned ericsson will have his work set out for him this week. news from knox sheds...
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    CAS Rugby 2022

    Oh no no no MidStrength you have it all wrong. Wolfpack is a group of boys who bonded together in scone to become men. they're are the most fierce and feared people at barker college. A group who's main focus is to do better for the community and care for the environment. Also Matthew Hanley is...
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    CAS Rugby 2022

    as the storm brews. more and more questions come to the peoples minds. Will Knox come out victorious? Will Barker stand their ground on their home field? We all know the bad blood between young Barker prospect Matthew Hanley and Knox's certified trotsman Ned Ericsson. But the biggest question of...
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    CAS Rugby 2022

    expecting a big game from matty Hanley a year 11 from barker with great potential. He is a dominant forward hitting rucks like there's no tomorrow. I expect him and ned Ericsson to have a great go at each other after hearing that there's a bit of bad blood after one tangled with another's...