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  1. cowboymike

    Rebels 2015

    There's a bit of a minor re-structure going to happen too. Nothing major just a few role switching around etc. Fagan got through a crapload of work and the new role has had marketing brought in under it as well, which means Rob has got his work cut out for him!
  2. cowboymike

    Rebels 2015

    In the email Bill sent round to us at the ARU: "Rob joins us with extensive experience in business and sports administration, including leading major advertising companies, working at two Super Rugby clubs (Brumbies and Rebels) and he was formerly the ARU’s Chief Operating Officer from...
  3. cowboymike

    NH Rays v NSW Country Eagles, NRC round 3

    Sorry to chime in late on this, was busy yesterday... I thoroughly enjoyed going to the game, even in grotty weather. Reminded me of seeing a couple of Friday night SS games at North Sydney Oval 10 years ago... great atmosphere. Glad to see I got the match report down OK, it was late and after a...
  4. cowboymike


    By the way, I put together the NRC Media Guide, along with the fella who organises the accreditations (sits in the next pod). For those who are interested, it can be found here: www.rugby.com.au/nrc/NRC_2014_Media_Guide.pdfAll design-related criticism welcomed, but as far as the content goes...
  5. cowboymike


    Hey reg, long time no chat. Hope you're well.
  6. cowboymike


    I'm intending to go to all the Brookvale Oval games if there's no one available already for those. Grew up in Perth, played at Drummoyne, lived on the Northern Beaches for 7 years, so the Rays are my second team... done a fair bit of writing and photography before, but don't currently have a...
  7. cowboymike

    Stuart Barnes is trolling once again...

    Meh If Barnes is foolish enough to think the form of the whole southern hemisphere can be based upon one game, then he is only kidding himself. Even more, he seems to be basing it off close to the worst game either of the two teams played all year. So if he wants to try and convince the home...