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    ISA 2022

    So based on this, just because the ref was once professional, that means its impossible to turn a blind eye? I assume this is what you're implying. Past form doesn't imply present nor does it imply changes in attitude for a game clearly less significant than Super Rugby. Yes, I wasn't there, nor...
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    ISA 2022

    Yea, I felt this would happen. Honestly, Nathan Cleary could be playing out on the field and the score would still be close. There's rivalry between Pius and Pats. For some reason, no matter how good one side is and bad the other, the scores will always be close when these two sides come together.
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    CAS Rugby 2022

    St Pats 15A's beat Trinity 15A's on two occasions. Shore 15A's beat Pat's 15A's yesterday I believe 40-0 so if Trinity would've played Shore A's, I couldn't imagine it'd be close.