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  1. Jaghond

    Shute Shield 2019

    A fitting tribute to Sayley........from one of his protege's....(Acknowledgement to Rugby.com.au) Wallabies coach Michael Cheika counted Jeff Sayle as a coach, a mentor and a mate. After Sayle's passing today, Cheika sat down in Tokyo and wrote his friend a letter. "To Sayley, The news this...
  2. Jaghond

    Shute Shield 2019

    RIP "Sayley" It’s with an extremely heavy heart that Randwick DRUFC announces the passing of Jeffrey Leonard Sayle. Jeffrey died peacefully last night in Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick after a long and courageous health battle. Jeffrey was a much loved figure and absolute legend in the...
  3. Jaghond

    Rugby News from unexpected places

    Not sure if this is the correct thread.......... Testimonial match for Rob Horne being played at Twickenham tomorrow (Sat 6/10) - between Leicester Tigers and Northampton Saints Being shown on live on Fox , I believe - midnight +/-AEST. Horne played for the Saints - and by all reports was...
  4. Jaghond

    Waratahs 2018

    Sorry Derpus, If you have / had been involved with a) any junior club trying to serve a beer on a Friday night, b) any Subbies match on a Saturday afternoon, c) had sons (or daughters) undertaking bar work to earrn a quid - you would comprehend that it is not perverse as such - it is called the...
  5. Jaghond

    Waratahs 2018

    Without wanting to be seen to be condoning such behaviour (which I don't) - if they were that p*ssed - what the hell were the bar staff doing serving them in the first place ??!!
  6. Jaghond

    Shute Shield 2018

    Coogee Oval turned on a wonderful day of rugby for the special day organised to pay tribute to 3 of Randwick's true greats who had passed in recent times - Peter Johnson, Sir Nicholas Shehadie and Ken Catchpole. With members of each of the players families present, President Bob Dwyer paid...
  7. Jaghond

    Shute Shield 2017

    F4E - probably the wrong thread, so apologies in advance.. I don't have a copy of the SRU competition rules (yet) - however, IF the competition rules refer ONLY to Australian (U20) or Australian A (U20) players, then perhaps there is a flaw in the competition rules. Remembering that the...
  8. Jaghond

    Sydney Subbies 2017

    Pfitzy Try Goodbuddy Sport (goodbuddy.com.au) That's where our Jnrs / Snrs we have bought them from in the past. Cheers The Hound
  9. Jaghond

    Concussions and Protecting Our Players

    Every parent should read this article....... Rugby is a contact sport - no doubt about that, and it is what many who play and watch actually love about it. The administrators - from the top down - need to tweak the way they coach their players to minimize the risk of this dreadful outcome. As a...
  10. Jaghond

    French Barbarians v Australia, Thursday 24 November

    Really bad luck for Lance - looks like his arm is broken....which undoubtedly mucked pre-match plans around. Would be interested to find out if they actually play rugby on that pitch - someone has already mentioned how poorly prepared the surface was - and perhaps even worse than AAMI... Hard...
  11. Jaghond

    French Barbarians v Australia, Thursday 24 November

    The penalty count is certainly impressive.....if you area Baa Baa's supporter ! Wonder what the Wallaby XV could do if they had a little clean ball ?
  12. Jaghond

    French Barbarians v Australia, Thursday 24 November

    It does now say "Live from 6.45 AM........maybe the mice running the power wheel at Rugby HQ haven't had time to warm up yet !
  13. Jaghond

    Concussions and Protecting Our Players

    Read the article earlier today. I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to comment on the specifics from a medical perspective - however, wouldn't a logical first step be for referees ( and A/R's !) to start policing the "tackle / contact below the arm pits" & the "head is totally out of bounds"...
  14. Jaghond

    Ali Baba to invest $100m to grow Rugby in China.

    I may get the dates slightly out of kilter - however I seem to recall watching a match played at the Shanghai Hairy Crabs home ground ( in Shanghai, naturally !) in the late 90's / very early 2000's between Gordon & Randwick - as part of an initiative called the Ansett Cup....( so that gives you...
  15. Jaghond

    Sydney Colts - 2016

    3rd Grade Colts G/F - Uni up over Easts ( not sure of score - maybe 20 odd to 10'ish....apologies, carrier pigeon dropped her note book) 2nd Grade Colts - Randwick avenged last year's loss to Uni with a good win - 34 - 27 ( to add to their 2nd Grade G/F win over Easts yesterday) 1st Grade...
  16. Jaghond

    Waratahs v Chiefs - Round 14 - Friday 27 May 2016

    Another observation..... Last night, the field looked like it was in pretty good condition with the grass being cut a bit shorter than "normal". With the westerly winds blowing - they played in slightly drier conditions too.........and all of a sudden, the amount of dropped ball from recent...
  17. Jaghond

    Stormers vs Waratahs Round 10 @ Newlands

    Once a player is on the air, his safety must be sacrosanct. This applies to BOTH teams - and for example, could also apply in a lineout where the jumpers' supports "drop" him. If spectators want the spectacle of players leaping into the air etc - then the Ref MUST support them and their...
  18. Jaghond

    Waratahs 2016

    This article appeared in the SMH today ( Courtesy SMH / Andrew Webster - I hope that's the right form of recognition ?) I wasn't quite sure where to post it - so thought the Tah's site the best...
  19. Jaghond

    Shute Shield 2015

    Further to the recent comments about Councils and rugby ovals, I sincerely hope that Council's in NSW are not influenced by the attached.....even if it is in Victoria ! (PS - Are they Rugby Posts or 3Sticks........??)...
  20. Jaghond

    Shute Shield 2015

    @HJ, Sorry to digress a moment .....have been waiting on the phone for ages - so thought I would have a look at the NSWRU site for something to do ! I hope they have a new intern on board........ With reference to your post at #1415 regarding the potential finals series matches (which I...