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  1. Gnostic

    Laws Discussion - Law 21 In Goal

    I think this is a very interesting point of General Discussion at the moment given the decision in the final RE:- Jantes picking up the ball and grounding it in his in goal. 21.14 - "If a player who is in goal picks up a stationary ball within the field of play, that player has taken the ball...
  2. Gnostic

    Mid North Coast Rugby

    Very disappointing that the week that the ARU/RA launches the Super W competition the Mid North Coast Rugby Union decides to can the Women's 15s competition and replace it with a 7s comp. To some this will be OK, but for the girls I have spoken to about it they are pretty devastated at the...
  3. Gnostic

    Rugby post 2019

    How many know that post 2019 there is no test rugby schedule? With the SH pushing for a Global season and the NH, especially the clubs, saying we have the money and we're alright jack is there are a solution in sight? Long term lurkers of the Forum will remember my often stated fears over...
  4. Gnostic

    Rugby Promotion and Marketting

    Please, Please somebody with some connections to the ARU get them to sit with these ads on auto repeat until it gets through their thick skulls that this is what Rugby promotional media can be like. The cringe worthy stuff we were served up this with the Link/Blades "He's in" series just don't...
  5. Gnostic

    The Criminal Legal System

    With the closure of the case against the killer of Thomas Kelly a furore has erupted again regarding inadequate sentencing of offenders. Now there are numerous examples being resurrected and doing the rounds of the Net blogs and fora. A quick point form to spur some thought and discussion...
  6. Gnostic

    Scrum tactics

    Australian scrums have over the years gained a deserved reputation for taking the scrum down when they are under pressure, particularly on the hit. After this year's Super season and in particular the performance of the Chiefs on Saturday night, I have had a think about some previous games of...
  7. Gnostic

    G&GR - MOTM Wallabies V Lions 2nd test Melbourne 29/06/2013

    Standard 3-2-1 rules. 3 - Mowen 2 - Genia 1 - Palu
  8. Gnostic

    Playing two 15s in the starting XV

    Following on from Scott Allens discussions about balancing the backrow I thought this would be a good discussion to have in the lead up to the Lions series. In the balancing of the backline and most especially when selecting a side to play a team like the Brumbies who kick tactically a lot...
  9. Gnostic

    Lloyd Walker

    Last week Link wrote a great piece about playmakers and a centre piece of that article was his memories of Randwick great Lloyd Walker. As good as Mark Ella at his best. I had some video of Lloyd but the VHS tapes I have been slowly converting to digital format with those games have given up...
  10. Gnostic

    Performance Enhancing Proceedures/Substances..........

    Just to give some variety to the board and some interesting discussions. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=freaks-and-tweaks
  11. Gnostic

    Springboks Squad named

    Very surprised to see no Brussow.
  12. Gnostic

    Crusaders V Canes SR Round 9, 2012

    After the first half I have to say that no Australian team I have seen this year could have held the Crusaders in that first 40 to less than 50 points. What a clinical almost perfect display of total Rugby. Helped by some very lackluster play by the Canes, but they were clearly shellshocked...
  13. Gnostic

    Decriminilization of illicit drugs??

    http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/drugs-war-a-failure-that-bred-criminals-20120402-1w8v3.html Arguments for:- 1. Alcohol has by far the greatest impact on society and it is legal and Tax 2. Likewise Tobacco's health effects are widely acknowledged yet it is available for a price...
  14. Gnostic

    Scrums 2012

    So far in Super Rugby 2012, and it is still very early days, we have seen far fewer collapses even considering the horrendous weather Oz and NZ have been subjected to of late. This is a very good thing. There is one major area of concern for me though after two weeks and one game. The Refs...
  15. Gnostic

    Gold Coast 7s

    Talking to the father of a lad at Farrer today he told me that Farrer and St. Gregs Campbelltown are playing at the Gold Coast 7s. A great result as both schools are traditionally League schools from memory and Farrer are the reigning League Schools Champs. He had a funny story in that the...
  16. Gnostic

    Remembrance Day 2011

    I spent the morning at my local Cenotaph for a very good 11am service. Four Generations of my family have served Australia and I make time every ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day to attend due to this deep personal connection. Today especially I was mindful of my friend currently serving in...
  17. Gnostic

    SBW set to walk out on NZRU

    Linky http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/all-blacks/5525260/SBW-A-mans-entitled-to-change-his-mind I was a huge doubter of SBW this year and was starting to come around and become a fan of his play. He is still nowhere near levels of hype and bullshit that some go on with but IMHO he was...
  18. Gnostic

    Wallaby Player ratings V SA - 14/08/10

    1. Kepu - 6 loses a point for a stupid penalty at the end could be two points off. Very good game in the tight and made a couple of effective runs. Scrum stable to dominant when he went against Smit. 2. Moore - 8 apart from one dropped ball this was a bottler of a game from Moore. Carried very...
  19. Gnostic

    Player Ratings Thread

    1. Kepu - 6 Scrummed well, ran well and defended well. No real commitment at counter ruck but then this appeared to be a "tactic" 2. Moore - 6 Scrummed well and carried as well as ever (just not a dominant runner- safe only)two crooked line outs. Ruck as for Kepu 3. Alexander - 5 Scrummed...
  20. Gnostic

    The impact of South African politics on rugby

    Sorry for the semi Political thread but it is Rugby focussed. I am sure Barb et al will move if they deem inappropriate. Today I read a very disturbing article on Julius Malema. It appears that he is a likely candidate to take control of the ANC and if he isn't the new President of SA he will...